Wanting Her Stepdad by Sadie Barron

Title: Wanting Her Stepdad

Author: Sadie Baron

Release: January 14, 2020

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance



When Mom told me she was getting married again, I hated the idea of moving in with a strange man. Then I met muscular biker Gage, and I decided I liked him after all.

Way too much, actually.

With his big, clever hands, stormy eyes and strong, protective body, he keeps me safe from the vicious fights Mom picks with me.

Now Mom’s left us and it’s just me and Gage. He has me purring like an engine whenever he’s close. The way his eyes caress me, I know he wants me, too.

We shouldn’t give in to our desires.

We really shouldn’t.

But I can’t help myself.

I’m burning up with need for Gage, and I’m going to show him just how much I’ve been wanting my stepdad.

Author’s note: With Mom out of the picture, this Daddy only wants his stepdaughter, and he’s going to protect her with everything he has. A short, steamy, over-the-top insta-love romance that will have you squirming beneath your plaid skirt!


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/48926483-wanting-her-stepdad

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His fingers tighten on my flesh. “We can’t, Hallow. You know that.”

He’s looking down at my breasts, and my nipples are standing out hard through my T-shirt. I still can’t read his expression but he’s breathing deeply and his body is getting hotter and hotter.

“I can’t be good for you?” I whimper.

Gage groans and his large hands grip my ass, his fingers pressing against the seams of my shorts. He pushes me against the garage wall and holds me there. He pins me with his hips, and I can feel his huge cock through his jeans against my clit. My eyes open wide as he thrusts up against me, rubbing back and forth, all the while his eyes on mine.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he growls.

The desire builds between us, our breaths synching, and I forget about everything else. The fact that he’s my stepdad, that this is wrong, that my mother could come home at any moment, it all disappears. I lick my pink glossy lips as I pant with desire, gazing into his eyes.

Gage leans in and bites my lip. I cry out loudly, and rub my pelvis hard against his. His cock is right over my sex and it’s making me crazy. I’m panting hard and rubbing faster and faster. It’s just like it is late at night in my bed except now it’s much better because it really is Gage I’m rubbing against, fast and intense through our clothes.

“Yes, babygirl. Come on my dick. Show me how good you are for me.”

As he thrusts, holding me there, one of his large hands slides up under my skirt and palms my breast. He groans as he feels my bare skin on his palm. His kisses grow deeper and his thrusts harder from the touch, sending my body into an ecstasy I have no power over.



Wanting Her Stepdad by Sadie Barron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It makes me really happy when an OTT-insta story is written so well you forget it’s OTT. Well done.

I was going to leave my review as is because what more do you really need to know on a story like this, but I changed my mind. I have one more thing to say and hopefully a lot of future readers will read this …

I don’t know why amazon decided to ban this book and honestly, I don’t care BUT you should all know it cannot possibly have anything to do with content. Yes, there’s an age-gap and it’s taboo, but this story is in no way ( and I need you to trust me here because I read a lot of real taboo that would make you side-eye me, so I know taboo) crossing any lines of impropriety. None. I’m serious guys. None.

Do with that information as you will ……

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