Waiting for Milo by Angel Devlin

Waiting for Milo 

The Waite Family Book 1

Angel Devlin

Publication Date: February 26, 2020


He called her Rapunzel.

Now she’s back in a tower of her own making.

Can he rescue his princess and live happily ever after?

After purchasing her nan’s old home, Violet Blake wonders if the mysterious Waite family still live in the house across the garden. But there are bigger things to worry about—like how she’s going to get the hole in the ceiling repaired and the neglected house modernised. Lucky for her, the Waite family do turn out to be her neighbours and run a property renovation business.

Enter Milo Waite.

Caveman. Protector. Stubborn as hell.

He won’t take no for an answer and sets about making sure his princess has her castle. But repairing the house isn’t his only project. He wants Violet.

Real life isn’t a fairy tale though, and buried family secrets threaten not only their budding relationship but to tear their families apart.


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Waiting for Milo by Angel Devlin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Violet needs a fresh start from her life so she buys her Nan’s house and moves. The house is a disaster and in need of a lot of repairs. Cue … Milo 🙂 Now Milo’s been crushing on Violet from the moment he saw her as a young girl when she came to visit her Nan, so this is his opportunity to get the girl! And get the girl he does … in a seriously short amount of time in my opinion, which is one of the two things I wasn’t happy about in this book. Here’s the thing, there are a million reasons plus a lot (lol) that could have brought Violet to Milo’s orbit, but the author chose a divorce. Seems to me a woman coming out of a bad marriage wouldn’t jump into another ILY in such a short period of time. So that part had me rolling my eyes, but not enough to not love and enjoy the story over all! The second #twitchy came at the end. Seriously, I have no clue why that epilogue was even written into this book and that’s all I’m gonna say about that. Do with that info as you will! Go forth and enjoy 🙂

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Angel Devlin is the alter-ego of paranormal, rom com, and suspense writer, Andie M. Long. Check out Angel for stories of heart and heat.

She lives in Sheffield with her partner, son, and a gorgeous whippet called Bella.

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