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Two halves of a whole, Arlo Bishop and I were both unwanted kids brought together by the foster system. Dealing with the aftermath of neglect and abandonment, we grew up side by side and found solace in one another.

We wanted.
We needed.
We loved.

But somewhere along the way, Arlo wanted and needed and loved drugs more. So, I did the only thing I could and broke my own heart to save his.

Now, four years later, I’m back in L.A. and face-to-face with my past. Not only does the pain and hurt of our mistakes linger between us but so do our feelings.

I didn’t plan on a second chance—fear of history repeating itself making it hard to forgive and even harder to forget. But with only one touch, one kiss, I was taken back to where it all started.

Two halves of a whole, Arlo and I were made for each other. But we were no longer the unwanted foster kids.

We were grown men.

And I wanted nothing more than him.

• UNWANTED is book one in a brand new, emotional LGBTQ+ series that follows a group of foster siblings, who are banded together by their pasts •


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Unwanted by Marley Valentine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the day I read my first words by Marley, she became a most anticipated author for me. Her stories are real. They are relatable with real life circumstances portrayed realistically and unfold organically. Every time I read one of her stories my heart breaks for the circumstances but also soars for the triumphs. She does an excellent job with character and plot development. This particular story is much more than just a journey of love. It’s a journey of redemption and forgiveness. It’s a story of moving forward thru the past to the future. It’s a story of family and a story of life, both the bright and dark side of it.

The thing I loved the most about Unwanted, is how Marley incorporated the group of family, five foster kids who banded together in the system to form a unit of survival, into the story so we could better know Arlo & Frankie but made sure not to bog the story down with their collective ups & downs too much as to take away from the focus of them. She gave us just enough of a taste to want so much more and it was enough. My guess is that each one of these stories will add just enough of the past of everyone that by the end, it will be a glorious picture! AND I AM HERE FOR IT.

If you’re familiar with Marley’s work, then I don’t have to tell you the level of emotion and passion within the story was done in a most excellent way, because she accomplishes that every single time. If you’re not familiar, you’re about to get schooled lol and this is the perfect introduction to her greatness! I look forward to reading not just the journey of each and every one, but also to building more knowledge about the group in the past as it relates to each one personally. This is going to be a series that is going to stay in my heart forever. I feel it.

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Meet Marley Valentine


Living in Sydney, Australia with her family, Marley Valentine is a USA Today bestselling author and a former social worker who uses her past experiences to write real life, emotional and heartfelt contemporary romance.

She enjoys mixing it up with both M/F and M/M Romance incorporating all forms of life, lust and love as her characters embark on their journey to their happily ever after.

When she’s not busy writing her own stories, she spends most of her time immersed in the words of her favourite authors.

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