Unexpected by Ariadne Wayne

Title: Unexpected
Series: Standalone in the Friends Series
Author: Ariadne Wayne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 22, 2016
I’ve told a lot of lies in my life. Mostly lies of omission.
My best friends, Rebecca, Gemma, and Katya think I come from a rich family like they do.
I don’t.
We have a fancy lunch once a month at an expensive restaurant. I cut back on food the rest of the time to pay for it.
My car sits in the garage unless I’m spending time with my friends. It’s cheaper to catch the bus.
Now I have a new secret. The biggest of them all.
I’m in love with Rebecca’s father.
And I think he loves me back.


Unexpected (Friends #5)Unexpected by Ariadne Wayne

Another new to me author for this week and I must say I am having some serious good luck! 🙂

I dove right into the series with the fifth book so of course I was apprehensive but I was assured that my usual series in order OCD would not kick in, and everyone was correct. This book does well as a stand-alone. However, me being who I am can only advise you to start from the beginning LOL

The title of this book is ridiculously SPOT ON!! This entire story is Unexpected. I will not go into a play by play, but just know that things are not always what they seem and whatever you think is happening, may not actually be what is happening 😉 It is very intriguing to read and it does keep you on your toes. I LOVED IT!

I really enjoyed every aspect of our leads in this story and they complimented each other very well. Obviously there is a taboo element to this story with the BF father trope, but it doesn’t feel taboo. It reads very well and perfectly.

This is a very *happy sigh* story and I think anyone who decides to pick it up will very much enjoy it!

ARC received for blog tour review

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Ariadne Wayne is the alter ego of Wendy Smith. She loves books and lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and two children. Having always had a prolific imagination she now writes the words down instead of storing them in her head where she can’t share them. When she’s not writing she works in Telecommunications, frequently banging her head on the desk with the random things that can happen to the ordinary phone line.


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