Truly’s Biker by Misty Walker

Truly’s Biker

by Misty Walker
Publication Date: February 9, 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


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Blond hair, a chiseled body, and ice blue eyes.
All the features of a god that trick you into thinking he’s a savior.

But he’s not.
Roch’s a devil in disguise.
A contract killer, in a motorcycle gang,
and the man I’ve been in love with since I was eight.

Now that I’m legal, I’m not waiting any longer for him to realize it.
So I act out, I cause a scene, I try to make him jealous.
Except, I trusted the wrong person.

Now Roch and his club are in danger,
and it’s all my fault.

I really messed up this time.


Truly thinks I don’t notice how she’s suddenly everywhere now that she’s an adult.
Getting into trouble, showing me what a brat she is, and
making me come rescue her.

But she’s my best friend’s daughter.
My dead best friend’s daughter.

No matter how she taunts me, it can’t happen.
The Royal Bastards are my brothers and my dogs are my world.
There’s no room for complications.

When one of her tantrums brings trouble to my door,
it’s not just her life at stake, it’s my entire club’s.
Now she has my full attention, and I’m realizing
Truly owned my black heart the entire time.

Will we be over before we’ve begun?

Truly’s Biker by Misty Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love Misty Walker so much I went back and reread Birdie’s Biker for this tour! This book was the perfect storm for me as a reader. I can never read too many mc romances, age-gap is my crack and Misty Walker wrote it. I mean … amirite?!

Since this is the second book in the series, we’ve already met Will and know just enough about him to get us salivating for his book. That’s the way it was for me and his story did not disappoint! Will has not had it easy. Life has not been his BFF. He’s holding a whole lot of remorse for circumstances in his past and it is heartbreaking.

Truly was the perfect young person, in my opinion. I really liked the choices that Misty made with her personality. They fit her not just because of her age but also because of her upbringing and circumstance. There may be times when she comes across as childish or maybe immature, but those times are few and they actually fit perfectly.

Truly has been Will’s saving grace since he could remember. Will couldn’t save her father so he’ll be damned if he won’t burn down the world to save Truly. That’s their story in a nutshell with exceptional chemistry, winding twist and turns and a whole heap of hope.

My favorite part of a Misty story is how real they are. She is always respectful of the subject and never hides the dark edges of life and or society. Her characters may not always be relatable to everyone reading, but they most definitely are realistic. She writes the good, the bad and everything in between of life and people. If you’re not reading her words …. *side-eye*

Obviously I highly recommend this book so go do the thing now, k.

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About Misty Walker

Misty Walker has been writing stories, articles, and poems since junior high. Preferring to stay behind the scenes until now, she has been an avid romance reader, a blogger, and an audiobook proofer for the last fifteen years. Growing up in a nomadic household, Misty has lived all up and down the western USA, but recently settled in Reno, Nevada. Misty is a mom to two kids who are slowly trying to kill her, but they are cute, so she will keep them. She just celebrated her sixteen-year anniversary with her computer geek husband and has two dogs, Dunkin and Dutch, that are her constant companions while she happily reads and writes her life away.

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