The Virgin’s Night Out by Shiloh Walker

Hello everyone …… Just wanted to let you know of a book I read a little while ago that impressed me immensely. Actually, at the time, it was an ARC given to me via NetGalley, but now its published and I think it would make a great addition to your TBR list! The name of the book is The Virgin’s Night Out, and not only do you get that story, but you get a BONUS story along with it, equally as good, Tempt Me. The book is written by Shiloh Walker and she is one of my personal go to authors!




Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid. She fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the more…ah…serious works of fiction. She loves reading and writing just about every kind of romance. Once upon a time she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest. She writes urban fantasy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance, among other things.

About Shiloh is Shiloh’s words (lol)

They always say to tell a little about yourself! I was born in Kentucky and have been reading avidly since I was six. Writing became more my focus in middle school-I had a very boring teacher and voices in my head. There was also a book that didn’t end the way I wanted it to end-don’t ask me the book, because I don’t remember. I just remember I started writing. I never stopped.

About me now… hmm… I’ve been married since I was 19 to my high school sweetheart and we live in the mid-west. I started writing full time in 2004, which lets me write during the day and still devote more time to my family- three adorable children who are growing way too fast and my husband who doesn’t see enough of me.

I like to read. There’s a shocker!

This list will vary, a lot, but personal faves include Nora Roberts, Stacia Kane, Ilona Andrews, Kresley Cole, Julie James, but my all time favorite is SL Viehl. She writes sci fi and romance, but my favorite of hers is the sci fi series Star Doc. If you haven’t read them, I think you’re missing out.

Something cool…

When I was in nursing school, a friend of mine came up to me one day and told me she’d had a dream that she was in a bookstore one day and saw a book with my name on it. This was before I told anybody that I loved to write. I think that was when I decided I was very serious about writing.   


 Virgin Night OutSloane Redding is the shy one, the timid one. The morning of her wedding, she’s dumped by the man she’d thought she’d spend the rest of her life with. Humiliated, she turns tail and runs, leaving Nowhere, Alabama for a job in the city. Sloane sets out to remake herself. She succeeds…on the outside. On the inside? Different story. She still the shy Redding. Still quiet, still more interested in standing on the standlines. But all of that is about to change.

The night before her brother’s wedding, she strolls in the lone bar in Nowhere wearing wicked red and she’s got one goal in mind: to show her ex-fiance just what he lost.

The night before his best friend’s wedding, D.B. “Boone” Cassidy walks into the lone bar in Nowhere, Alabama with one goal in mind. Get wasted. Former military, he’s spent the past few years as a security specialist and all around troubleshooter. It should have been easy to spot the trouble that night…a sexy woman in wicked red. It should have been easy. Yeah, right.

One thing leads to another and his plans to get wasted turn into a night with the sexy woman in red . Boone gets the shock of his life the next day when he shows up at his friend’s wedding to find out he’d just spent the night wrapped around his best friend’s little sister…and that isn’t the only surprise.




tempt me

 She’s a temptation he can’t resist…

Roxanne ‘Rocki’ Monroe’s life is full of secrets and hidden heartaches. Cole Stanton would love to heal her pain and chase away the ghosts of her past, but she’s just a complication he doesn’t have room for in his life.

Or so he thinks.

It doesn’t take Cole long to realize he’s more than willing to let temptation get the best of him, more than happy to deal with complications if that’s what it takes to get her.

What he has and what he needs are two different things…and what he needs is Rocki.





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My thoughts


What an incredibly sweet and sexy story this was!
I absolutely love Shiloh Walker‘s style of writing. Her stories are always sexy and sweet with characters you just can’t help but love and root for. In this story, I myself found that I cried a lot! There is a lot of back story to both Boone and Sloan that shape who they are in the present and their decision making and that past was not revealed to us until almost the very end BUT, you still knew throughout the whole story. You knew they had baggage and issues and you could deduce the where/why/how of it all. It’s things like that that separate GREAT writers from GOOD writers. I find that the more I read of Shiloh Walker’s work the more she becomes one of the GREAT writers.
The story of Sloan and Boone is not an easy one, but if ever there was a story of love at first meet, this is it. Sloan has come back home for her brother’s wedding. She hasn’t been home in a while because the last time she was there, her fiance pretty much left her at the altar! But she was ready now. She wanted to come home. The night before the wedding, she decides it is high time she meets up with her ex and show him what he’s missed out on! CUE …. chance meeting with Boone! When Sloan met Boone is was firework chemistry times a billion. And Shiloh Walker made me FEEL that chemistry. Sloan propositions Boone and the rest is as they say, history …. 🙂 But NO, it’s not that simple. I’m not going to give you the plot, but just know that destiny is a very powerful thing. These two were destined for each other. I believed it from the moment I started reading this story. But life threw them a HUGE bushel of lemons, and the lemonade they made was not exactly smooth!! 😉


THIS story was like a 10 star for me. GAH, I cried thru an entire chapter! I loved everything about it! Roxi was the perfect character to play a heroine who falls in love at first sight. Really! And that goes to show you how good Shiloh Walker is at character development and overall structure. She didn’t miss a beat with this one. It’s such a short story, but it packs a punch like I haven’t felt in a while. Ive never really been one to enjoy short stories because there’s never enough time to either develop the story properly or bring it full circle properly or the characters are lacking. Yea , not here.
This story was about second chances, seizing the moment, growth, love, support … it’s just EVERYTHING!
I don’t want to give you any details about the story itself because it IS short, and I would end up telling you everything, just know that you need a few tissues when you read this 🙂


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