The Sins Duet by Abbi Cook

The Sins Duet by Abbi Cook

Genre: Dark romance/romantic suspense


A dangerous man obsessed…

I want to possess Natalie from the moment I lay eyes on her. Trusting and sweet, she has no idea what I can do to her.

What I will do to her.

An innocent woman caught in a web of lies…

He’s beautiful and vicious like nothing I’ve ever seen. Alexei terrifies me and takes my breath away.

Yet I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame, even as I sense the danger in him.

Nothing is what it seems…

A hit man who never fails at his job. A woman afraid she’s losing her mind. The secret that shocks even a cold-blooded killer.

How perfect a life can look from the outside, and then with just one crack in the façade, everything changes.


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The Sins Duet by Abbi Cook
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

***Review copy requested and reviewed on behalf of OMGReads Blog***

This book was so disappointing, it had so much potential and it didn’t hit the mark at all. The story fell flat. The whole thing was rudundnt and full of fluff. How many times can you repeat the same thing over and over. This story could have been told in half the time. For two books there was never any real progression in the plot.

Natalie was described as sweet and naive but in reality she was dumber then a box of rocks. She was supposed to be well educated but she couldn’t even see the obvious, even when it smacked her right in the face…literally. She never learned from her mistakes, had no backbone, she was weak. Merely a pawn in everyone’s game. She never even fought for what she wanted, I don’t think she even fought to be with Alexei.

Alexei, there was not enough of him in this book. Maybe that is part of the problem. For being so vicious and terrifying we never even actually saw his dark side. He liked Natalie because she was “sweet, naive, and acted virginal.” I don’t know how he could want to be with a woman who literally put herself in the DUMBEST situations, even knowing the consequences.

And then there were a number of characters who just fell off the face of the earth, what ever happened to Samson and Roman. They just suddenly were never around or talked about again.

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Romance you love with the darkness you crave

Abbi Cook grew up wondering if she was different because she always wanted to know more about the villain than the hero in the stories she read. When she got older, she found there were others in the world like her and devoured their writing, loving every dark word. She’s written her own tales for years, but in 2019 she decided it was time to take the next step and publish them. She’s never looked back since that day.

Readers can find her at her website at, on FB and IG, and through email at [email protected]

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