The Sex Education of M.E. by L.B. Dunbar



Title: The Sex Education of M.E.
Author: L.B. Dunbar
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: August 22, 2016




I’m forty, flabby, and frustrated. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good home, a decent job, and great children. I had a loving marriage for twenty years where we had our ups and downs. It wasn’t perfect; but it wasn’t awful. Then he died. After the grief took its course, and the reality of my life set in, I grew frustrated. It wasn’t the bills or the struggle to keep my interest in my work. It was life without a man – the only man I’d been with for twenty years. And before you go all feminist on me, it isn’t that I can’t be an independent woman, but there are certain areas where a man is necessary. 

You need a fuck buddy, my friend said.
I didn’t even know what that meant.
Is it friends with benefits?, I asked.
Better, you don’t even have to be friends, she offered.

Boy, did I need an education in the modern workings of dating, and sex.


A coming-of-an-older-age novel.
Something new from L.B. Dunbar — a stand alone!


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The Sex Education of M.E. by L.B. Dunbar

Ya’ll … this book is so much more than a 5 star read. It’s like ALL THE THINGS but not the usual things.

It really makes me happy when I can throw myself into a book and become a part of it because one of the leads is me. Emme is me or I am Emme lol in a way. I’m 46 and single. No kids of my own but I did loose my soulmate and have yet to find another to live HEA. So when I was reading this story, I found myself rooting for both Emme and Merek as if they were me 🙂 Because isn’t that what we all want, no matter what age, so have someone to hold hands with for the rest of our lives 🙂 …. well, at least I do LOL

This story was just perfectly written. I found it endearing and heartfelt and relatable and FUN! It was refreshing to read a second chance story with this kind of twist. Because this was a second chance for both Merek and Emme. A second chance at love and life and happiness! I found it fun to read because of uniqueness of the plot. There is decades of baggage for both Merek and Emme to unleash on each other and see if they can help each other carry it and/or over come it and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the journey!

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L.B. Dunbar loves the original legend of King Arthur. Inspired by this classic tale, she pulled over to the side of the road to take notes when it hit her that if King Arthur lived today, he’d be a rock star. A lover of fairy tales, myths, legends, and anything with happily ever after, she loves to read and write contemporary romance. Her Legendary Rock Stars series is complete with the final tale: The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance, but the story began with The Legend of Arturo King. She also wrote The Sensations Collection, which includes five stand alones based on the five senses in a small town setting near Lake Michigan. Raised on one side of that lake, she grew up in Michigan, but now lives on the other side, in Chicago. Mother to four, wife to the one and only, and teacher to hundreds of former students, she looks forward to sharing more stories in the future.


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