The Rival Roomies (The Rooftop Crew, #3) by Piper Rayne


By Piper Rayne

Release Date: May 12


I’ve loved him from afar.

Though most times he’s only a foot away.

I’m smart enough to know he’ll never be anyone’s forever.

He checks all the bad boy boxes. Tattoos. Check. Motorcycle. Check. Chip on his shoulder. Check check.

If he wasn’t my neighbor and friend I may have thrown myself at him. Okay, yeah. I wouldn’t. Because guys like Dylan don’t want a woman who writes kid’s math textbooks under him in bed. Instead, I pathetically savor morsels of moments where I have his sole attention.

That was until his archenemy moved in with me. Now suddenly, Dylan’s moving in too and warning off the first guy in a long time who’s showing me interest. Could he finally see me as more than a friend, or am I just a prize to win and show off to his enemy?



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The Rival Roomies by Piper Rayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When an author drops breadcrumbs to her readers about a couple in previous books of the series, then when their book lands on your kindle you dive right in without even checking the temperature of the water! Rian and Dylan have been in the background for just a couple books, but they made a giddy impression on my from the start. They’re that couple you always wonder about and get excited about just thinking will they/won’t they? thoughts about!

On paper, these two seem like polar opposites but they really worked together fantastically. I loved that about Piper Raine. These ladies always give me characters I can see and feel their relatability to real life. Their personalities and their stories and their interactions and just everything is always so real and relatable and so easy to read! I always get lost in their stories for hours before I even think of taking a break! LOL

There’s something about the concept of I feel nothing until wait, what’s that you say? someone else is in the picture? … it just makes me smile LOL I mean whyyyyyyyyyy do people make it so hard?!?! In real life and fiction!! *sigh* I really liked this story you guys. I like everything about everyone, pretty much. Yes, I had my share of STOP.IT eye-twitches but every story needs dumb conflict, amirite?! LOLOLOL This is a very realistic story told in a very relatable way so full stars from me!

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