The Mistaken Billionaire (The Muse Series Book 2) by Lexxie Couper

The Mistaken Billionaire

by Lexxie Couper
Publication Date: June 5, 2017
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Indulgence, Contemporary, Romance




Thomas St Clair is used to getting exactly what he wants, when he wants it. So when a mysterious woman shows up at his door with his runaway dog and her presence drives away his writer’s block, he’s willing to put up with her secrets if it means she’ll stay around.

Mila Elderkin once had a promising career in journalism, until her dreams were shattered by a rising star in the literary world. When fate lands her at that same man’s door years later, and he doesn’t recognize her, it seems she’s been offered a chance for a little fun. Mila’s not out for revenge, especially not once she starts to see the man beneath the persona. But the past has funny way of creeping into the present, and secrets don’t lie quiet forever.



His shirt muffled his laugh as she pulled it up over his head.

“Oh, wow.” She ran her gaze over what she’d revealed. “Wow.”

He stood motionless, aching for her.

She met his stare for a heartbeat before returning her attention to his torso. “You’re built like some kind of sex god.”

His body thrummed at her breathy exclamation. His cock jerked in his pants. “You haven’t got to the best part yet.”

The ridiculous boast made her laugh. “Your dick is the best part? And here I was impressed by your skill with words.”



The Mistaken Billionaire by Lexxie Couper

Lexxie Couper makes me happy LOL

The Mistaken Billionaire was a terrific. The case of mistaken identity gone awry! Lemme just tell you the fun this book was … so Thomas has writer’s block and is ridiculously frustrated but one look at Mila and poof block no more. He also is under the impression that Mila is his hired escort for the charity event he is attending the evening he meets her. …. Now Mila, okay, she is just a woman holding a lost dog at Thomas’ front door. She’s not an escort. But she doesn’t tell him that. Why you ask? Because they’ve actually met before and it was …. not so good LOL She’s not looking for revenge, just a little fun at his expense … Let the games begin 🙂

As I already mentioned, this story was fun! It was also flirty and sexy and captivating and a really good time. I was so captivated by the shenanigans that I read this in one sitting! Do yourselves a favor … read this book 🙂

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The Stubborn Billionaire (The Muse #1)

He had a plan for her. Her getting under his skin wasn’t it.I’ll stop at nothing to get what I want. It’s the Dyson way.
Ruthless? Maybe. But it’s what’s put me on top. And it’s what’s going to help me get revenge on the woman who put my family through hell.I’m going to ruin Sienna Roberts.My plan has been in play for months. She has no idea I’m the mysterious benefactor commissioning her artwork, or that the downfall in store for her will be the end of her career.

But there’s something I didn’t plan for—the way her smile and touch starts to make me forget all I blame her for…


Lexxie Couper started writing when she was six and hasn’t stopped since. She’s not a deviant, but she does have a deviant’s imagination and a desire to entertain readers with her words. Add the two together and you get erotic romances that can make you laugh, cry, shake with fear or tremble with desire. Sometimes all at once.

When she’s not submerged in the worlds she creates, Lexxie’s life revolves around her family, a husband who thinks she’s insane, a indoor cat who likes to stalk shadows, and her daughters, who both utterly captured her heart and changed her life forever.

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