The Ice in Our Hearts by B.C. Powell


The Ice in Our Hearts
BC Powell
Publication date: August 20th 2020
Genres: Romance, Sports, Young Adult


Bryce is a snowboarding sensation, a cocky teenager from California with a giant chip on his shoulder called Type 1 diabetes. He competes because he has something to prove.

Daria is a rising star in figure skating, a withdrawn teen from Russia with a tragic past. She competes to provide her family with a better life.

Primed to overthrow archrivals who dominate their sports, they’re both headed to the Winter Olympics. But soon after arriving at the Games, a flurry of ill-timed setbacks threatens to shatter their dreams.

When two teens from halfway around the world meet, they discover an unlikely but undeniable connection. As they gear up for their final shots at medals, they help each other realize the greatest barrier to the top of the podium might be hiding inside their minds.

Take a breathtaking ride with Bryce and Daria as they find true understanding, try to overcome the bitterness of their pasts, and share a romance more meaningful than winning gold.

Written by the parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes.

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The Ice in Our Hearts by B.C. Powell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After finishing this book I took a minute to gather my thought in order to write down how i feel.

As someone who knows how much competitive sport can take away and at times give so little back and also having Type 1 diabetes since I was 9, it was hard to read this at times with everything they went through, bringing back so many memories and it made me remember how much I fought to play the sport that I like just like Bryce have done throughout this story.
This story will stick with me because I could relate to Bryce and Daria on so many levels. It really shows how strong a human mind and body can be and how sometimes it’s OK to lean on someone for help and not carry the burden all alone.

It was a beautiful story and I’m so happy I chose to read it.

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Author Bio:

BC Powell is a fantasy author from Los Angeles, CA. Described as “a stunning fantasy adventure,” “incredibly original,” and “a wild ride,” his debut science fiction fantasy novel “Krymzyn” was published in October, 2014. “The Infinite Expanse”, the highly anticipated second book in “The Journals of Krymzyn” series, was released in March, 2015.

Powell has a diverse background, having held several creative positions in the entertainment industry, including an executive role at ABC-TV, but writing fiction has been his lifelong passion. “The Journals of Krymzyn” represents, in his words, “finally finding the amazing story I want to tell with characters who are able to bring the story to life.”

He dual majored in journalism and philosophy at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. When he’s not writing, he can often be found hiking the hills of Southern California, daydreaming on the beach, or ocean kayaking. He credits his three sons, two currently in college and one in high school, as his inspiration for writing in the new adult genre.

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  1. Shirley Ann Speakman

    The cover is really cute and the book sounds very intriguing. Thank you for the review.

  2. Wow this sounds like it was really emotional for you and relatable in a way! Lovely review, Jessica! This sounds very well written and compelling!

  3. Susan Smith

    Sounds like a great book. I like the cover.

  4. Tiffany S

    I love the cover and it sounds like a good book.

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