The Goodbye Guy (The Men of Lakeside #3) by Natasha Moore



by Natasha Moore
A Men of Lakeside Novel
Publication Date: July 20, 2020
Genres: Adult, Entangled: August, Contemporary, Romance


Rachel Bradford is finally living her dream as the star of her own interior design show. But ratings are slipping, and if she wants to save the show, she has to set an episode in the hometown she fled. Worst of all, she’s going to have to work with the cocky bad boy who humiliated her.

Single dad, Beckett Colburn plans to turn an old fire station into a neighborhood bar. He’s blindsided when he discovers his family made a deal to turn his dream into a reality TV project. He’d rather run into a burning builing than work with his childhood nemesis–on camera.

But it’s not easy with a TV crew in town stirring up trouble, spreading rumors, creating buzz. Not to mention the inconvenient sudden attraction that sparks every time Rachel and Beckett fight.

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Beck headed for a wide cove on the opposite side of the lake from Lakeside. He anchored in his favorite spot, where tall trees shaded them from the worst of the sun. Rachel was quiet, staring out over the water, one hand on the top of her head holding down her floppy hat. The bright red matched the candy-cane stripes on her suit.

He was glad to see she was relaxed now. Rachel was so focused on her work, so ambitious, her career seemed to take up her whole life. And while Beck was definitely focused on The Salvage Station, it would never become his whole life. He was lucky he had his parents to help with Holly. It sounded as if Rachel’s family was never supportive of her.

Beck grabbed a couple of beer bottles from the cooler and handed one to Rachel. He dropped beside her on the bench seat. “How was the dinner party last night?”

“Interminable.” She took a long pull on the bottle. “For some reason, it apparently makes some people feel important if they’ve rubbed elbows with a celebrity.”

“So everyone wanted to rub their elbows on you?”

She laughed. “Something like that.”

He couldn’t stop himself from taking her arm and making a show of studying it. “You have a lovely elbow.”

“Thanks.” She caught her breath when he placed his lips on her elbow for a quick, soft kiss. “What was that for?”

He kissed her elbow again but he wanted his mouth on her entire body. He shook his head to clear it. “Your famous elbow is so soft and smooth, I couldn’t resist.”

“My elbow is smooth?”

“My lips think so.”

“Hmm.” Rachel caught his gaze before she slid her hand along his forearm. “All these tattoos. They’re smooth, too. I never expected them to be.” She lowered her lips to the dragon’s face. Sparks shot across his skin as if the dragon were breathing fire.


“How long have you had the dragon?”

“Almost twenty years.” It had been his first tattoo. Go big or go home, right? To him the dragon had meant power and freedom. Today it was still a reminder of what he could do if he wanted something bad enough.

She rubbed her fingers over it and he caught his breath. “It’s a part of you now. I love it.”

He swallowed. “Thanks.”

“Is there a story behind it?”

“No, I just thought it was badass.”

“What about the others?” She traced her finger up his arm, spreading tingles as she went. She stopped at his inner bicep. “Oh, there’s Holly’s name. Such a pretty font.”

“She’s a pretty girl.”

She kissed his elbow before continuing up to where angel wings wrapped around his shoulder. “These are beautiful.”

“I had those inked after Holly was born.”

“And her mother died.”

He lifted her hand from his shoulder and kissed her fingers. “Crystal was no angel, but neither was I. Still not. Hell, never will be, but I try my best for Holly.”

“Where did you meet Crystal?”

“We worked together.”

She tilted her head. “Do you have Crystal’s name tattooed somewhere?”

“God no. Never tattoo a woman’s name on your body. All that means is that you’ll be looking for a cover-up tattoo down the road.”


The Goodbye Guy by Natasha Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a fast, funny and cute story. I really liked both MC’s especially when they started to discover that they’ve changed a lot since high school. I’ll be honest and say there were a few times when I was rolling my eyes with the way Rachel treated Beckett but once they got to know each other “again” it was smooth sailing till the end.

Over all it was a good read and I’ll be sure to pick up this author again in the future.

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Natasha Moore fell in love with the written word as soon as she could read. She’s the author of more than twenty romances, and believes that stories of love and hope are important. Love can happen at any age and she often writes about vibrant and passionate characters finding love later in life. She’s a snowbird, spending the winters in sunny Florida, and the rest of the year in beautiful western New York with her real life hero who is happy to tell everyone that he’s her inspiration.

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