The Elven King’s Captive by Devon Vesper

The Elven King’s Captive
(Fated Elves #1)
by Devon Vesper
Publication date: February 5, 2021


An omega elven king is shocked to discover his alpha… is a human construction worker?

When Dustin stumbles into Casersis and touches his magic amulet, Dustin’s hint of elven blood starts a magical chain reaction that puts him in mortal danger. The amulet’s power begins to rewrite his DNA from human to elf, and if humanity finds out, he’ll become a science experiment at best. But when Casersis senses the change, his first instinct is to hold Dustin captive.

Casersis wants his young alpha to be safe and loved while he undergoes his magical change. Exiled from his home and throne by his son, and now a billionaire corporation owner, when Casersis issues commands, his people fall in line. But Dustin is so independent that Casersis doesn’t know how to hold onto him without suffocating his new lover.

Can Casersis keep Dustin safe by holding him against his will? Or will the threat of captivity erase the bond of trust they had just begun to form?

This 73,000-word non-shifter omegaverse novel is set in a world where mpreg (male pregnancy) is a fact of life. However, this series does not end with a baby or pregnancy.


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When he tore his mouth away, I whined low in my throat. How had I been reduced to a quivering mass of desire by a young man barely a fraction of my age? How had I, a former king, been incapacitated and made to willingly submit to such a man?

My body refused to care, my hole spasming as Dustin straightened and scooted closer on his knees. Soon after, all thought fled as Dustin pumped two fingers into me as he licked the skin just behind my knee. It was a strange delight to my senses, but not as much as when Dustin crooked his finger and massaged my prostate. My whole body jerked, my erection throbbed, painfully hard and begging to be touched.

And I found myself begging, too. “Beauty… please…”

“What do you need?” came his husky reply.

I looked down to find his eyes boring into mine, commanding me to answer. “Please… Gods, please touch me.”

He gave me a wicked grin and rubbed my prostate harder. “But I am touching you.”

I was not proud enough not to beg. I whined low in my throat, let out dirty words that normally would not leave my lips, even for the most experienced lover. “Please touch my cock!”

“That’s my dirty boy,” Dustin praised. He shifted, and the next moment, I felt his hot breath along my length, then his tongue as it laved my swollen head. I gasped, rolling my hips, my body wordlessly pleading him to take me into his mouth.

I tensed, waiting, praying. When his hot, wet mouth finally closed over my cock head and sucked, I nearly wept with the intense sensation, with joy for being so connected to him. I had no hope of composure when he finally breached me with his cock. No hope whatsoever.

He added another finger to my hole, grinning at the squelching sounds as my juices continued gushing around his talented fingers. My hips jerked and it took all I had not to come into his beloved mouth.

Dustin must have sensed it. He squeezed my base, making me hiss with the pleasure and pain. It dampened my urge to come, had me panting. I looked down, watching his mouth swallow me whole until his nose buried into my pubic hair. Just then, as if he sensed my eyes upon him, he looked up and locked eyes with me. I was mesmerized, like staring into a cobra’s eyes right before it struck. I was helpless. Helpless to watch as he bobbed, barely restraining the need to continue begging for what I desperately wanted.

Then he pulled off my dick and got into position between my legs, once again a hunting cat stalking its prey. Who was this man who could be so very sensitive and then command me like a proper king. My king.


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The Elven King’s Captive by Devon Vesper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Casersis is an elf. Forced out of his home, living with humans for time untold, accepting his fate. Dustin is human, until he’s not. Being changed into an elf against his will by Casersis’ magic. It’s not how he saw his life playing out but he is powerless against the fate that brought them together. As they bond he’s more confused than ever.

Alpha and omega happening here. Dustin is the alpha which put an interesting twist into the story. Some angst but just mostly confusion between what Dustin wants and what Casersis needs.

World building isn’t exactly lacking but could of used a little more. I have questions about Dustins acceptance of poverty that weren’t answered. Casersis’ age was also kind of unfathomable to me.

Good strong main characters and Casersis’ staff/family were a huge part of the story, rounding it out nicely. Ended a a good note. Not sure when the next book releases, but I’ll be there waiting.

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Meet The Author

I’m a mother, furbaby spoiler, and a girl who can’t get enough of pretty, pretty boys. As a kid, I traveled the world, too young to appreciate the gift I was given, but now those adventures spur on stories that my brain just can’t keep up with. Well, my brain tells me it keeps up just fine, but my fingers are the slow ones. I’ll let you decide. But the boys, man. The boys I remember make my heart sizzle looking back on them. Being a kid at nude beaches, I never cared, but looking back on those memories of Sicily, WHEW! There are some really great childhood images that I wish I could have been an adult to savor.Home is some place I call “rustic”. I’m used to large cities, stores everywhere, gas stations on every corner. Here in rural Pennsylvania, it’s rustic and beautiful. And quiet. Too quiet. With all this quiet, all there is to do is write stories, and let the hot men in my head out to play. We all benefit, yes? I like this development. The only thing I dislike about this rusticness is the fact I can’t find a coffee shop that sells a proper chai latte. They make it from powder. Ew. This makes for a disgruntled Dev. Ugh. I miss my chai.

Most of all, I am a down-to-earth southern girl at heart from spending 16 years in Florida. If you chat with me, you’ll hear endearments like darlin’, sweetheart, and hon/hun/hunnie. It’s who I am, and if we chat, you’re almost instantly family, so get used to it.

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