The Darkhorse (Powerplay #5) by Selena Laurence

A bride… A soldier… An arranged marriage. Can Lisa and Jeff take a chance on something real this holiday season?


Title: The Darkhorse
Author: Selena Laurence
Series: A Powerplay Novella
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Release Date: November 7, 2017


A bride.

Lisa Scotch is done with men. And especially military men like her ex who left her with three lifetimes worth of debt and disappeared. But one day a new soldier walks into the school where she teaches, and he wants to make her debt disappear like her ex did.

A soldier.

Colonel Jefferson Thibedeaux is one of the most powerful men in the Pentagon. Raised without family or money, Jeff found both when he started his military career. Now there’s a promotion that he wants and he can only get it if he has a wife. When he goes to speak at an elementary school, Jeff sees the answer to his dilemma in one very sexy school teacher.

An arranged marriage.

Jeff’s proposal is all business. He gets a promotion, and Lisa gets out of debt. It’s a one year arrangement that doesn’t include some of marriage’s more traditional…amenities. But when Lisa moves into Jeff’s house, and the holidays roll around, the fireplace isn’t the only thing heating up. As their attraction burns brighter than their Christmas lights, can Lisa and Jeff find something real in what was supposed to be pretend? Will the bride take a chance on another soldier? Can the soldier be the man his bride deserves? One thing’s for certain, Christmas will never be the same again.


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The Powerplay series is Political Suspense mixed with Erotic Romance. These books can be read standalone but you’ll see your favorite characters from one book in the other books as well. From political consultants to the first female president and an escort with a heart of gold, watch Washington’s power brokers as they escape scandals, foreign intrigue, and finally fall in love.


MY THOUGHTS: Prince of the Press by Selena Laurence

Not as sexy as I would have hoped but the romance was very heartwarming.
Looking forward to The Kingmaker: A Powerplay Novel now!

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MY THOUGHTS: The Kingmaker by Selena Laurence

That was delicious!

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MY THOUGHTS: POTUS by Selena Laurence

When I got hooked on the television show Scandal years ago, I started my journey into political romance stories. What draws me the most to them is the forbidden aspect of the story-line. Not forbidden as in taboo, but forbidden as your life is not your own when you’re in politics, especially at the White House level. That struggle is what draws me to them. It makes the end game, a HFN/HEA, so much more poignant for me than any other trope. So you can see how I would be immediately drawn to POTUS: A Powerplay Novel!

I don’t even know where to begin with this book. IT WAS ALL THE THINGS. I’ll start with that LOL It had mystery and intrigue but not so much so that you get bogged down with it and unfocused from the real story … the journey of Jessica Hampton and Kamal Masri. And not just their journey together, their journey individually. Here’s the thing about this book that I loved the most … it isn’t just a romance journey of Jessica and Kamal, it’s a story of Jessica and Kamal both coming to terms with who they want to become. It’s a story of individual growth woven together throughout a romance story so poignant your heart will soar and it will also break …. it’s quite the roller-coaster and a hell of a ride!

I could not believe how fast time had gone by while reading this book. I blinked and it was the last chapter … I almost wept. I wanted more words. I wanted more story. I’m not going to detail as to why, because that would give you the ending lol, but I did feel like the end was rushed. There are events that take place that I wish I could have been a part of but it wasn’t my story to tell so …. (i know, vague much…)

Anywho … do yourselves a favor and pick this book up. It’s my fist read by Selena Laurence and I feel like I’ve been missing out on some really great words for a long time. I’m looking forward to a lot more!

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MY THOUGHTS: SCOTUS by Selena Laurence

This one is gonna sneak up on you so be aware. You’ll just be reading along and BAM the feels have #FuckingFeels …. I’m not even kidding kids … KLEENEX!

What a ridiculously well unfold story! I am in awe once again! …

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About Selena Laurence:
Selena Laurence is an award-winning and USA TODAY bestselling author who loves Putting the Heat in Happily Ever After. Her super sexy stories take place everywhere from rock concerts to family ranches, and her books can be found around the world in four languages, at libraries, bookstores, online, and in audio.


Selena lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she can often be found at a local coffee shop, hiking the trails, or watching soccer. At home Mr L, her kids, “goldendoodle” and “demoncat” keep her busy trying to corral chaos. A veteran Indie author, Selena also coaches writers through her blog and workshops on turning #Passion2Profession.


You can connect with her online at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | BookBub | Goodreads



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