Stealing Home (St. Michaels Duet #2) by Harlow Cole


Titles: Stealing Home

Duet: St. Michaels Duet #2

Author: Harlow Cole

Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance

Release: August 1, 2019



I’ve given up. On my childish dreams.

On getting out of this town. On love. On him.

On everything.

I’m barely treading water.


I’m the man with it all.

The pinstriped jersey covering my back garners easy cash, flashy cars and fast women. My gilded name drapes over the city in neon. I have everything. Everything, except the thing I crave most. Ashley Foster.

There’s one addiction I never tried to beat.

They say you can never go home again. I’m out to prove them wrong. But what if returning requires facing all the things you destroyed? To what lengths would you go to earn forgiveness?

Would you beg? Would you borrow? Would you steal?

Stealing home is the riskiest move in baseball. But the reward… If it works? Winning her back is a chance I’m finally ready to take.

My pockets are filled with stars.

It’s time to follow them home.

This time, I don’t want to steal her firsts,

I want to lay claim on all her lasts.



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Praise for Stealing Home:

“Now for my thoughts on Stealing Home / this duet. I can already guarantee you, there is NO DUET that will ever come close to this one. St. Michaels Duet is a raw, poignant, touching read that will make you feel every emotion from the good, bad, to the ugly.” – Reviews from the Heart

“This author has become a favorite of mine after this series.” – Read.Review.Repeat


Stealing Home by Harlow Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first book almost ended me but this one finished me off to declare that I FRICKING LOVE this duet. This second book is all about doing it all in ordered to bring back the ONE to you. This story is mainly about how struggling with guilt can sometimes blind you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I finished the first book I was not a big Brayden fan to be honest. But I had a feeling that he’ll change his life around so he could be with Ashley. She was a strong girl in the first book who grew up to be an amazing woman, putting everyone else’s needs before her own. My heart was breaking every time it was reviled what he’d done to help them keep their heads above water without them knowing.
And when they finally left all the bad and the ugly behind them I had the biggest smiles on my face because they deserved the HEA they found together.

Now I’m sitting here hoping that we get to see what happens with Nate next, because I need to see him happy as well after everything that has happened to him. Pretty please with a cherry on top!!

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Interference (St. Michaels Duet #1)

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Author Bio:

Harlow Cole is a former journalism student, turned techie, turned mother, who finally decided at age forty-plus what she wants to be if she ever she grows up. Her writing journey first began in sixth grade, when she and her best friend penned boy band fanfiction in an old spiral notebook. Harlow is a connoisseur of peanut M&Ms, brand-new school supplies and angst-filled love stories that always end happy. At fifteen, she met her first love. They’ve now been married for twenty years. They reside in suburban Washington, DC, where Harlow moonlights as a taxi driver for their farting beagle and teenage twins. Interference and Stealing Home are her debut novels.


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