Specular (IXI COMICS Book 1) by L.K. Brooks-Simpson


L.K Brooks-Simpson
Publication date: August 16th 2018
Genres: Superhero, Young Adult


The first installment of the IXI COMICS series by author L.K BROOKS-SIMPSON

This novel is of the fantasy/superhero fiction genre and tackles some important implications of mental health and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Imagine being afraid to fall asleep in fear that you will not wake up to the life you know. This is exactly what Tre Moon experienced at nine years old. He awakes to his second dissociative identity having set his house aflame. With his home ruined and his parents murdered at his own hands, he is sentenced to trial for a life sentence. Young Tre Moon is forced to walk a path that will change his life forever.

When seventeen year old Tre comes into contact with a prohibited substance called Colloidal Supersilver his life will change forever when he finds out he has the ability to change how light refracts from his body. His new powers come with new challenges to an already complicated life, having battled Dissociative Identity Disorder for the majority of his youth.

Follow the origin story of IXI COMICS first hero as he becomes Indiana’s newest vigilante, Specular! In a city full of crime, recession, drug underlords and other mysterious vigilante’s, the legend of Tre Moon will unfold, all the while, his dark past tries to catch up with him…


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Specular by L.K. Brooks-Simpson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tre hates the voice inside him. I makes him do bad things. When the voice inside kills his parents Tre is incarcerated, first in a juvenile facility then prison. With help he is finally released. Trying to have a semblance of normalcy he uses drugs to keep the voice at bay. Attending school, making friends. A project for one of his classes changes his life when he accidentally absorbs a substance. He becomes more than just Tre and so does the voice.

A good superhero needs an origin story. This book definitely gave Tre his. I’ll admit the science of the book was well beyond my understanding. As a reader I had to let go of what is normal and accept that even the the story happens in a familiar place, it really doesn’t. (Kind of like Gotham City) I really liked the origin of Specular and would recommend it to any one who enjoys a good angsty superhero.

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Author Bio:

L.K. Brooks-Simpson is a native of London, England. He is an English Literature graduate and Film Production student.
Aside from his creative ventures, he is a strong supporter of philanthropy. He cites his biggest influences as J.R.R. Tolkien, Sanyika Shakur, J.K. Rowling, Tsugumi Ohba, Stan Lee and Maya Angelou, among many others.
Three sentences he would use to describe himself – A book is for the mind. Travel is for the heart. Family is for the soul.
Lara has always considered himself a student of literature and story form and for this reason, his taste is eclectic. Ranging from novels to manga – poems to screenwriting and even comic book story boards. Just as genres define certain works, there are a lot of elements that define his creative process. He has aspirations to write in many different genres.


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