Shadows On The Border by A.L. Lester

Shadows On The Border

A.L. Lester

Publisher:JMS Books

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Newspaper reporter Lew Tyler and his lover, Detective Alec Carter, are working out the parameters of their new relationship. Meanwhile, time traveler Lew is trying to decide whether he wants to stay in the 1920s or find a way to get back to 2016, and Alec doesn’t know if he can bear the vulnerability of being in love with someone who uses such dangerous magic.

Fenn is a Hunter from the Outlands, come through the Border to search for the murderous Creature and its offspring at the behest of the Ternants, who maintain the balance between Fenn’s world and ours. Fenn strikes a bond with Sergeant Will Grant, Alec’s second in command, who is keen to learn more about his own magical abilities. As time goes on, Will grows keen to learn more about Fenn, as well.

Fenn has their own painful secret, and when they appear to have betrayed the team and goes missing in London, Will is devastated. He has to choose between following his heart or following his duty.

Moving through the contrasting rich and poor areas of post-First World War London from West End hotels to the London docklands, the men need to work together to capture the Creature … and choose who – and what — is important enough to hold on to and what they may need to give up to make that happen.

Lost In Time Series

The Gate (a FREE short story introducing the characters from Lost In Time)
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Shadows On The Border by A.L. Lester
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lew and Alec are still searching for the creature that has been terrorizing London. They are joined in the search by Will (a police officer that has the pull), and Fenn, a being from the other side of the border. Fenn wants to capture it and return it to its home. Everyone else wants it dead.

This book is just as strange as the first one. Interesting take on time travel and magic. It had nice primary and secondary characters, an almost gothic feel to the story, and a good mystery but it just never really came together for me.

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Lost In Time by A.L. Lester
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So…time travel, “creatures”, pullers (don’t call them witches), and a thin veil (border) between humans and (evil) something other worldly.

The story was a bit confusing in places and I felt like there were holes with no explanation. I liked the feel of 1918 London, kind of dark and scary.

There really was no romance between the main characters, although their antagonism was a sort of foreplay. I was surprised that the book ended where it did.

I did enjoy it and am looking forward to the next one.

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Author Bio

A. L. Lester likes to read. Her favorite books are post-apocalyptic dystopian romances full of suspense, but a cornflake packet will do there’s nothing else available. The gender of the characters she likes to read (and write) is pretty irrelevant so long as they are strong, interesting people on a journey of some kind.

She has a chaotic family life and small children, and she has become the person in the village who looks after the random animals people find in the road. She is interested in permaculture gardening and anything to do with books, reading, technology and history. She lives in a small village in rural Somerset and is seriously allergic to both rabbits and Minecraft



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