Set Me Free by London Setterby

Set Me Free
London Setterby
Publication date: July 8th 2016
Genres: Gothic, New Adult, Romance

Miranda Lewis is desperate to get away from her controlling ex–so desperate she leaves him in the middle of the night. She ends up on a remote island off the Maine coast, where she befriends a bubbly shopkeeper, Claire, and becomes fascinated with Claire’s son, big, brooding Owen Larsen, a woodworker who keeps to himself. Even the friendliest locals here are secretive–and Owen is at the center of their secrets.

Still, Miranda loves the salt air, the craggy coastline, and, most of all, the work of the island’s beloved local painter, Suzanna White. Miranda wants to stay–to claim a life of her own, to paint again. But the longer she stays, the more her fascination with Owen increases. Why is there a painting of his stern, handsome face in the art gallery by the beach? And why is everyone so afraid of him?


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Andy slid a tumbler of whiskey across the bar towards me, and I took a grateful swig, willing myself to relax. I could handle the motel tonight. It wasn’t so bad, even if it was dingy. At least I’d be able to shower.

Still…I had to ask.

“You guys know anyone who’s looking for a roommate? It’s not working out…er…where I am now.”

Kaye and Andy exchanged a glance across the bar.

“Actually,” Kaye said, “we’ll need somebody soon. Our housemate, Rusty, is moving out in a few weeks.”

“You guys live together?” No wonder everybody thought they were dating.

“Yeah, with our friend Scott.” Kaye glanced at Andy again, and he nodded briefly, his dark brown eyes serious.

“You know,” Kaye said carefully, “we have a lot of space. If it’s really bad…where you are now…you can crash on our couch for a couple of weeks.”

I had a sudden lump in my throat. My eyes stung. They knew, didn’t they? God, how had they figured it out? I’d tried so hard to keep up appearances—to smell clean, to keep my hair looking nice.

“I would…I would love that,” I said, my voice hoarse.

Kaye placed her hand on my arm and squeezed. “Great! You can stay tonight! Want to come over after we close?”

Tonight? They definitely knew. It was just as well, I told myself. I needed this. I had nowhere else. It was lucky that I’d decided to come here tonight.


Except that whenever I thought back to my first day on Fall Island, I could not remember deciding to drive onto the bridge. I’d passed so many towns, but none had drawn me in like this one. It was like the island had scooped me up, though for what, I could not imagine. Since then, I’d gotten a job, found Suzanna’s statue, and now this—as if the island had moved me wherever it wanted me to go, like a chess piece.

An eerie tingling crept up the back of my neck—the way you feel when you’re being watched.

Still, what choice did I have? I took a deep breath.

“Tonight would be great.”


Author Bio:

Hello! I’m London, a writer, lawyer, and life-long New Englander. I write all flavors of romance, from surreal fantasy romances to raw gritty contemporaries. I also write across the gender and sexuality spectrums. Everything I write is a little bit funny, a little bit sad, and probably kind of strange.

You might know me from Wattpad–my Wattpad Featured Read, Set Me Free, a Gothic romance, will be released as an ebook and in print in summer 2016.

My gritty erotic romance, Breathe, is currently being serialized on Radish, a free app. It will be released in ebook/print as well sometime after Set Me Free.

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