Royally Relinquished by Hayley Faiman

Title: Royally Relinquished: A Modern Day Fairy Tale
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: Contemporary Romance Standalone
Release Date: March 23, 2017
Kindle Unlimited


Royally Relinquished: A Modern Day Fairy Tale by Hayley Faiman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Royally Relinquished is a good, but tough read. Henrick and Caitriona have to travel a rocky path littered with new obstacles at every turn.

Henrick is a MAN. No explanation needed. He makes mistakes, he makes dumb decisions. He truly loves Caitriona though. He has a beautifully filthy mouth. He loves hard.

Royally Relinquished is also Caitriona’s journey of trust, overcoming self doubt, and believing in herself. She’s tough, strong, and believes deeply in Henrick.

I really enjoyed Royally Relinquished. I loved seeing the story unfold and watching the delicate balance of family and love for Henrick. Recommended for the reader who wants some royalty, a sexy, dirty talkin’ hero, and a strong, heroine who is a true individual.

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The only thing royal about Caitriona Geneva Grace is the blue of her beat-up sedan. While luxury and vanity are terms she could use to describe her everyday life, they’re not words she lives by. Rather, they’re words that keep her fed—barely. As a receptionist at a medical spa, her life is far from glamorous, but she gets by. For Cait, anything beats the life she left behind when she said goodbye to her small town after high school. 

His highness, Prince Henrik Stuart, is a slave to his royal status. Bound by duty and controlled by the crown, he fears a future chained to a woman of good breeding–a match not made in love. While known as the foolhardy prince, the thought of settling down isn’t what troubles him. Rather, if he could find a woman who cared nothing of his title, he would give her the world.

When a weekend trip leads to a chance meeting, both Caitriona and Henrik feel a spark between them unlike any they’ve experienced before. To each, the other is too good to be true, but one night of fun cannot be denied.

When she said ‘yes’ to the handsome, green-eyed stranger, Caitriona didn’t know that she was stepping into her very own fairytale.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…except when it’s legally binding.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to Sexual Content and Language.

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