Risky Rockstar by Ryleigh Sloan

Title: Risky Rockstar
A Cocky Hero Club Novel
Author: Ryleigh Sloan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 1, 2020


When Hayley Stephens proposed a collaboration with me and my band, I thought the only risk was that we wouldn’t connect and our music would suffer because of it. I couldn’t’ve been more wrong.

Our connection was off the charts and unwittingly, Hayley filled a void I’d long since grown accustomed to. There was just one problem: she was involved with Kevin Peyton and I had no right falling for her.

Then she admitted that her relationship was a farce and things got serious fast. But the closer we became, the more it became clear that we were each hiding demons. That safe space we had started to disintegrate, and everything went to shit along with it. I can feel her holding back. I know she doesn’t trust me enough to let me in. Can I be her safe space or will my demons take over?

Am I worth the risk? I know she is.



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Risky Rockstar by Ryleigh Sloan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m starting off this review telling you something that’s possibly a negative thing, or at least it was for me, and it pains me but it’s the only way my review will make sense. So, the beginning of this book confused me, and when I say beginning, I mean like the first 20%ish of the book. It starts with a prologue that focuses on a tragic incident. Then we jump to present day five years later, and it’s tragic again but different people … and it rolls into more people being introduced and I had to stop and read the blurb LOL You see, I’m not that kind of reader. More often than not, I’m reading a book because someone said I had to or the cover grabs me or something, but I rarely read anything about the book myself before I begin. I know, ridiculous, but I like going in blind. This is one of those times that was not helpful LOL Anywho, all of this rambling is just to say I think the beginning could have been tighter. There’s a lot going on everywhere and I almost gave up. I know now what it all means but I didn’t know then so …

Once the story began to make sense to me and what was happening sunk in, I have to say it felt good reading this story. The story shows that growth from tragedy is possible and sometimes you have to walk thru fire to get to the rain. That probably makes little sense to most people but it’s how tragedy feels in my head. Kade and Hayley were meant for each other before they even knew it. That shinned thru the story brightly. Their chemistry was undeniable, and their story will pull at your heart in all the ways. After al the beginning shenanigans, I have to say that I enjoyed myself reading this story and it entertained me. I was definitely never bored LOL The sexy times were super sexy, the #feels of the story were in abundance and so was the humor.

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Meet Ryleigh!

Ryleigh Sloan is a romance author with a masters degree in being an indecisive control freak. Her favorite pastime is driving her friends crazy by writing multiple books at once.

Following the advice of established authors to read, read, read in order to hone one’s craft she does just that and engrosses herself in as many romance novels as she can get her hands on. Her bad habit of writing more than one book at a time carries over to her reading and she can be found reading, and listening to multiple titles at once and enjoying every moment.



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