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Sweet promises

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I have been lied to.


And now, threatened.

With Angelina, it was quick. Sudden.

I was a moth and she was the flame. I had to touch her. I needed a taste. By doing so, my life has completely spiraled.

And then there’s Colette, and her slew of bullshit.

She’s lied to me to over and over again. Sadly, because of that, I no longer crave her love.

Who am I to trust when the world and the people I love seem to be turning against me?

Who is there to fall back on when none of them seem safe enough?

Betrayal no more.

Give a man like me flames, and I will torch anything that stands in my way.

I will burn it right down to the ground.

And yes, that includes the women I care about.


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“You can’t avoid my questions forever, Colette.”

“I know.” I smile down at him and he watches my eyes, narrowing his in the process.

“You know what?”

“I know I can’t ignore you for long. But, honestly, there’s nothing to say.”

His eyes are still thin. “You aren’t upset about all of this? Because I’m fucking pissed. With Gabriel, Colette? Fucking Gabriel? What does he have that I don’t?”

I shrug one shoulder, lips pressing together. “Nothing really.” And then I grin.

“So why do it? I have never made you feel lonely. I have always been here for you. I have jumped hurdle after hurdle for you, Colette, and you go and give your body to Gabriel just like that? I fucked up, I know, but I never would have even considered it if you’d actually given me a chance at making you happy again.” He sighs. “I mean, I know we have had our problems, but you should discuss your issues with me. Not him.”

His face softens and sadness masks it. He looks me in the eyes, almost on the verge of tears, his head shaking, face full of disbelief.

Aw. I’ve hurt him. I’ve really done it now.

“It just happened.” I pull the comforter over my legs.

“Things don’t just happen. Not that way, Colette.”

“So you and Angelina?” I snap. “You two didn’t just ‘happen’?” I fold my arms tightly across my chest.

“No.” His head shakes, nostrils flaring as he finally looks away from me. “No, we didn’t just happen. She listened. She was there. She understood what was going on with me and she—”

My lips parts as each thing he says about her feels like a stomp on the chest. I thin my eyes at him, shaking my head with disbelief. “Wow,” I breathe. “You really like this girl, huh?”

He doesn’t respond, and really he doesn’t have to. I can see it. It’s written all over him. I should take it as a good sign that he’s using the past tense when in reference to her. Hopefully it means she’s in the past too.

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Sudden Desires (Sweet Promises #1)

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indexScrew the ring.
The good life.
My selfish wife.
I have felt abandoned by her for years. Forgotten.

But all of that has changed.
I’ve met an incredible woman. I didn’t mean for anything to happen with her. We were only supposed to be doing business together. But that sassy mouth, fine ass, and those perky tits got to me. It was a spur of the moment thing – both of us blinded by lust.

Is it bad to crave a woman so badly that you’ll do practically anything to hold onto her? Like make sweet promises that you know damn well can’t be kept?

Don’t be fooled. This newfound “happiness” may only be a f*cking façade, and what’s worse is that I can’t let it go.
Not now.
Probably not ever.

Why? Because there is only so much rejection a man can take before he finally just… gives into temptation.

** Recommended for ages 18+ due to strong sexual content. If you are looking for a quick book with great sex, steamy passion, an alpha male with a smart-ass mouth, and twists and turns in every chapter, then this is the book for you.**

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Shanora Williams is a twenty-something that creates authentic romantic stories that, may or may not, make you question what a “Happily Ever After” truly is. After hitting the New York Times and USA Today bestsellers list at the mere age of nineteen, Shanora ventured further into the creative writing world, working even harder to create unique and memorable romances for all to enjoy.

She currently resides in Waxhaw, North Carolina and is the mother of one amazing boy, in love with her devoted man, and a sister to eleven.

When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family, binge reading, or running marathons on Netflix while scarfing down anything sweet and salty. She also writes under the pen name S. Q. Williams.

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