Puck Money: A Hockey Love Story by Raine Miller Writing As Brit DeMille



PUCK MONEY: A Hockey Love Story

(Vegas Crush #4)

by Raine Miller Writing As Brit DeMille

Release Date: March 12th



They call me the Ice Dragon but it’s really just all for show.
—Boris Drăghici, VEGAS CRUSH

PUCK MONEY is a sexy STANDALONE sports romance about a Russian/Romanian hockey center with money problems and the tantalizing financial advisor he’s hired to sort out his p#cking investments. Boris and Talia are in for the ride of a lifetime in Fabulous Sin City as they follow the money trail and fall further in lust for each other. This is definitely not your parents’ “Financial Planning”!

What is PUCK MONEY about?

? A super nerdy financial manager running from a scandal.

?? A smoking hot hockey player with an embarrassing secret.

? Plenty of Las Vegas shenanigans and some really steamy _ _ _ _ ing sessions.

??A knitting kitty.

⚡ Sexy Harry Potter readings.

? Russian accents and Dragon tattoos.



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Puck Money: A Hockey Love Story by Raine Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m all about the new author experience in 2020 and even tho I read a very short story by this author about 3 years ago as part of an anthology, it’s the only one I’ve read so she’s new to me right now. So far, I am winning at the new author experience and this story is part of it! The chemistry of not only Boris and Talia but that of the story had me hooked and reading in one sitting! GAH, I loved Talia and Boris so damn much you guys! I could totally see myself having them as friends in real life and that just made me smile thru the entire book! I’ve downloaded the first three books in this series just now and I can’t wait to dig in!!

Sidenote (because I just cannot help myself lol): someone please explain to me what is happening with Talia’s eyeballs on the cover. did no one see that? i can’t unsee it!! #sendhelp

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About the Author:

Brit DeMille is Raine’s alter-ego in case you didn’t know.

And she is having an absolute blast writing books that are a little bit different from what Raine usually writes. Brit loves stories about sexy billionaires [millionaires make the cut too] who fall in instalove with young women who may or may not be virgins, and then go on to make adorable babies together. In addition to the billionaires, hot hockey players are at the top of her list of favorite heroes, along with royals and ex-military bodyguards.

The most important thing to Brit when she writes a story is a happily ever after. But during the actual writing of the story, the most important thing to Brit is a cup of hot tea with a splash of milk, and a stash of cherry Jolly Ranchers. A dog or two will likely be in between Brit and the chair at any given moment, which is very handy, because they are the ones who approve everything she writes.

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