Prime Minister (Frisky Beavers #1)


Title: Prime Minister

Series: Frisky Beavers

Authors: Ainsley Booth, Sadie Haller

Release date: May 31, 2016

Pre-order price: $2.99 (going up to $4.99 after release week!)



Ellie Montague is smart, sensitive, and so gorgeous it hurts to look at her. She’s also an intern in my office. The office of the Prime Minister of Canada.*

That’s me. The PM.

She calls me that because when she calls me Sir, I get hard and she gets flustered, and as long as she’s my intern, I can’t twist my hands in her strawberry-blonde hair and show her what else I’d like her to do with that pretty pink mouth.**


How much I like the PM varies on a daily basis. He’s intense, controlling, and a perfectionist in every way—and he demands the same of his staff.

How much I want him never wavers.

There’s something about him that tugs at me deep inside, and makes me wish that just once he’d cross the line in a late night work session. I’d take that secret to the grave if it meant I got a taste of the barely restrained beast inside him.***

* This is a fictional erotic romance. No prime ministers or interns were harmed in the making of this book.

** Except it’s a BDSM romance, so they were hurt a little.

*** Spoiler alert: she gets more than a taste. And she likes it.



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The prime minister and the intern—we should be a punch line or a cliché. But there’s nothing sordid about the raw need in his eyes or the impossible restraint he shows when I give him every opportunity to take me.

I twist her body away from me, one hand dangerously low on her belly, the other cupped around her throat as I continue kissing her. She rocks her bottom against my cock as I swallow her gasping pleas.
I’m so lost in her taste, I don’t come to my senses until I’ve got her bent over my desk with one hand on the small of her back and the other mid-swing.

She’s off-limits. Too young, too innocent, too vanilla. But nothing I try works to get her out from under my skin. We’re not going to survive this summer. Not before our need consumes us both.

How do you go about asking the Prime Minister if he’s kinky? Is that even the right word? What exactly are you into, sir?




Mom by day and filthy romance writer by night, Ainsley is super grateful for caffeine, banana and blueberry muffins, and yoga pants.

She lives in London, Ontario and is currently chugging Americanos, wiping sticky fingers, and dreaming of heroes in and out of uniform.




Surrounded by mist-covered mountains, Sadie Haller lives a quiet life with her husband and fur-babies.

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