O Magnet: A Titans of Tech Novel by Tessa Layne

Titans of Tech Book 2
Tessa Layne
Release Date: January 12


As the CTO of Steele Conglomerate, I work hard, and play harder, if you catch my meaning. I – and the ladies – like it that way.
My mother has other ideas.
For the last six years, she’s been trying to marry me off – because it’s time for grandchildren. She’s even started dropping by my office with prospects — on a daily basis.
But I’m going to beat her at her own game. Not only am I going to convince her I’m getting married, I’m going to pick the last woman my mother would ever choose for me… my crazy, inappropriate-for-me-in-every-way assistant, Penelope Fischer — Penny.
What could possibly go wrong?

I am So. Over. Stockton Ford. Just because he’s the hottest bachelor in Kansas City with the biggest wallet does not make him all that. I should know. Not only do I spend night and day helping him fight cyber bad guys and generally being his Girl Friday, I’m tasked with managing his personal life – his mother, his girlfriends… you get the picture. So yeah, I’m done. Done giving into that megawatt smile, the mischievous twinkle in his eye, and the pleading tone in his voice that somehow I can’t resist.
I’m quitting.
Until he makes me an offer I can’t refuse, and I say yes for all the wrong reasons.

A fake engagement workplace romp featuring epic pranks, dirty… ahem… and a very happy ending.


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O Magnet by Tessa Layne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

YAY … The Titans of Tech are #winning once again for me! *throws confetti*

Okay so Penny was a delight to read and everything Stockton didn’t even know he needed in his life, and vice versa! Their story sparked! It was humorous and fun to read and oh so sexy at times!

Tessa brought her a-game to this one and I would highly rec this story to all romance fiction readers!

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I’m tempted to go knock on Steele’s door, ask for a scotch and spill my guts. But the last time I did that, I clearly interrupted something between him and Sparky, so I head to my place and open my own scotch instead.

I drain the first tumbler. Fuck savoring, I need to sort shit out. I hit Steele’s number, but it goes to voice mail. He always picks up when I call. I double check my watch, it’s definitely not too late. I try again. Voicemail again. He must be with Sparky. I take a moment to finish the second tumbler, giving them a chance to wrap things up before I try again. It still goes to voicemail.

“Goddammit, Steele, pick up the phone.”

I think back to the accusations Penny levied at me in the elevator the night Lena and I broke up two years ago. Like most things where Penny is concerned, she was spot on, and I wonder if I have what it takes to go the distance with someone. The adrenaline from my encounter with Penny is slowly dissipating, leaving me as irritable as a bear coming out of hibernation. I poke my phone again, ready to march down the hall and bang on Steele’s door if he doesn’t pick up this time.

“This better be good,” he barks into the phone. Yeah, I definitely interrupted something.

“Congratulate me?” My heart starts thumping. I realize I’m fucking nervous.

“What, for saving the company from the dark web? That’s your fucking job,” he practically yells. This doesn’t bode well for his reaction.

“Ah, no. I thought you’d want to know before you read about it in the society column tomorrow.”

“What the hell is this about? Is this code for something?”

I swallow. I need to approach this like ripping off a bandaid. “Negative. I’m engaged.”


What?” he says, voice cracking. “To who?”

“To Penny.”

More silence.

“What?” This time there’s a menacing note to his voice. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Dead serious.” I pace along the floor to ceiling windows in front of my balcony, watching the cars on the street below.

“Since when?”

“Since this morning.”

There’s a flurry of noise in the background and Sparky’s muffled voice. “So let me get this straight. You and Penny have been dating to the point of getting engaged and you never even told me?”

“You hid your relationship with Sparky for months,” I point out.

Harrison bursts in my front door, expression thunderous. “But I didn’t ask her to marry me until this evening,” He says as he crosses to my liquor cabinet and helps himself to a decanter he knows is filled with Danny’s whiskey.


I toss my phone on the coffee table. I feel like an ass. I feel worse than an ass. Not only am I about to lie to my best friend through my teeth, but I’m also going to upstage his very real engagement with my fake one. Still, I’m genuinely happy for him. He’s been trying to convince her to move in with him for two years. “That’s great man, congratulations.” I lift my glass from across the room. “Did you set a date?”

Steele crosses to my leather sectional and drops into the corner crossing an ankle over his knee. “Kind of hard to do that with the phone ringing off the hook,” he says, eyes lasering straight into me.

Now there’s no way I can tell him that Penny and I are fake. My gut clenches. I’m a shit liar. And now I have to lie to my best friend so I don’t take away from his happy moment.

“So tell me. Weren’t you dating someone new last week?”


“Yeah,” I answer, drawing the word out.

“And wasn’t Penny chewing you a new asshole she had to cover for you with said girlfriend?”

I swallow, suddenly hot under the collar. “That, too.”

He narrows his eyes and goes for the kill. “And so you mean to tell me that you’ve gone from zero to death do us part with Penny in less than a week?”

“It wasn’t exactly zero,” I mutter.

Harrison slaps his thigh. “I knew it. I always knew you had a thing for her you dirty old man.”

I blink. “Really?” My voice cracks like a pubescent boy. His power of perception is a little too close for comfort at the moment, but at least it leads us away from his line of questions.

He nods. “Yep, since day one.”

Since day one? I think back to that first day I went to collect Penny from Rolla. He’s not wrong, there’s always been a spark between us, but I… no… have I? Shit.


Meet Tessa Layne:

USA Today Bestselling Author Tessa Layne discovered the Harlequin stacks at her local library when she was twelve, and began a life-long love affair with all things filthy and romantic.

She’s a voracious reader of romance (the smuttier the better), historical fiction, biographies, travel memoirs and cookbooks.

Tessa fell in love with her sexy, geeky, musician of a husband faster than the characters in the novels she writes, and divides her time between the Flint Hills and the Rocky Mountains, where she lives with said sexy spouse, two children and two very naughty cats.

All of her books contain sexy Alpha heroes- some badder than others- smart sassy heroines who don’t pull their punches, and swoon-worthy happy endings.

Connect with Tessa Layne:
Website: http://tessalayne.com/
Newsletter: http://bit.ly/3hJgJFn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorTessa
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/3olXSmm
BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/tessa-layne
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Amazon Author Page: https://amzn.to/35cT4rM


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