New York Nightwings – The Complete Collection by V.L. Locey


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The Nightwings Complete Collection contains all three novellas in the New York Nightwings MM hockey romance trilogy. The first two—On Broadway and Rookie Moves—were previously available in the Changing on the Fly charity anthologies. The third novella—Transitions—is a brand-new story written just for this collection. All three books are filled with passion, romance, humor, and fast-paced hockey action!

The set includes –

On Broadway (New York Nightwings #1)
Rookie Moves (New York Nightwings #2)
Transitions (New York Nightwings #3)

New York Nightwings – The Complete Collection by V.L. Locey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On Broadway 4 Stars

Riley plays hockey and loves it. He’s gay but not out. One night he see a man skating and his interest is grabbed. He can’t stop thinking about him. When they meet again, Rocket (Keiffer) tells him he needs to pay to spend the night with him. Riley would gladly do that for the opportunity to have Rocket in his bed. When Rocket is gone the next morning, Riley desperately wants him back.

This was a steamy story. I liked it a lot. Both men are interesting and I am anxious to see how their story plays out.

Rookie Moves 4 Stars

Trying to fit into Riley’s life is hard for Keiffer. Getting his GED so he can go to college and possibly get into a hockey program is difficult. Dealing with Riley’s best friend who doesn’t like him is difficult. The team absences are taking their toll too.

Keiffer meets Riley’s family and discovers where Riley got his goodness from. Along the way he also decided that hockey didn’t have to be his life. He is afraid Riley won’t like the new path he wants to go in.

I really liked the direction this story took these guys. A nice sweet, hot love story.

Transitions 4 Stars

Hector Alvarez (Tommy) is the liaison for Curio Halfway House for LGBT youth at risk. He’s an ex hooker/con man extraordinaire. Keiffer convinced him to run the center. He sometimes misses his old life.

Then he meets Vincent, the goalie for the Barracudas. He feels a strong attraction towards the big man. They start to spend time together. Vincent isn’t out and wants to keep the relationship quiet. Hector is ok with that because he figures they won’t last long. Hector always runs when things get serious.

I think this story was my favorite of the three books. I liked how Vincent slowly worked past Hector’s walls. Their story was fairly low key with a few moments of drama. I would definitely recommend this series.

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