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Five Stars copy
Big RockBig Rock by Lauren Blakely

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me get this out the way …..
NEVER start a Lauren Blakely book at 11 pm
… I read straight thru till 3:21 am !! (I have a job. I have responsibilities. Clearly, NOT today .. going back to sleep!)
Back to this incredibly phenomenal male POV friends to lovers story. I can’t even describe to you the amount of fun I had reading this book. From (view spoiler) to every single moment Spencer came closer and closer to the big … wait, whaaaaaat? is happening to me!
This book was charming and funny and sweet and really well told. I took a few minutes to think if it had been written in Charlotte’s POV would it have been just as good or better and honestly, I don’t think so. This was pure perfection on Lauren Blakely’s part. As just as you think you just can’t laugh any more …
WHAM, oh yes you can!!
And just as you soon as you stop the fit of laughter you’re in …. #TheFeels!!! There is some seriously *swoon-worthy* feels at the end of this book. And they were SO perfect. Every moment of this book was perfect. There was nothing in the book over the top in the least and yet every emotion and/or incident you might think could happen in a friends to lovers story actually happened. But Lauren made it fun to read and somewhat unpredictable as well.
I just can’t recommend this book high enough! #TRUST #CLICKITNOW

Now and Then (Dare to Love, #3)Now and Then by Mira Lyn Kelly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first read this story as a beta reader back in the summer and I was SO excited to be able to read the final product now! If you’re a NetGalley member, I strongly urge you to request a copy because it is

ARC provided by Mira Lyn Kelly and Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley

Brynn Ahearn and Ford Meyers
have history. But Brynn ran away from Ford back in the day because she didn’t want him hurt by her father’s unsavory ways. And the threat of this happening was real. Because Brynn had lived it all her life.
But as fate would have it …. Brynn and Ford were destined to meet once again. But Brynn does her damnedest to try and stay away from Ford and fight the growing attraction between them. But again ……. destiny will have her way 🙂 So Brynn stops fighting with high hopes that her father’s shenanigans won’t come bite her in the ass as they have in the past. And just as things seem like they might work out …. of course we have a problem LOL But, Ford is right there to save the day (as it should be)!

I’m gonna be honest and say that this book does differ from the first two in the series in a couple of ways.
1. The first two books in the series, Truth or Dare and Touch & Go are what I call inter-mixed. Meaning everyone in book one takes part in book 2. But not so much with Now and Then. Ford, as one of the dynamic 5, that start this Melrose Place like series, gets his book all to his own. Yes, there are sporadic pop-ins from some, but they don’t really play a part in the story itself. Is that a good or bad thing? That’s all up to you. I would have preferred for Ford’s book to have the same dynamic as its predecessors, but it did not make the book any less fantastic because it was not.
2. The story behind Brynn and Ford lacked the gut-wrenching quality that the first two books held. It wasn’t as heart-wrenching or even emotional. What it did have in spades is a loving undertone. And again, that differs from its predecessors because both book 1 and 2 will gut you to the core #TRUTH

Although this book does differ in presentation and style and tone, Mira Lyn Kelly still hits it out of the park. Why? Because she is that good! No stone was left un-turned in the story-line. Everything that needed to come to light, came to light. And everything that happened in the book made sense. There’s no question Brynn and Ford had incredible chemistry and their sexy times really gave my girlie parts a run for their money! I saw this quote in an earlier review and thought it was the absolute perfect way to convey their sizzle:

“Jesus, Brynn,” he growled against her lips. “You make my heart hurt, but I swear, it’s in the best fucking way.”


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