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Most Eligible Bastard, an all-new standalone romance from New York Times bestselling author Annika Martin is LIVE!


Title: Most Eligible Bastard

Author: Annika Martin

Genre: Romantic Comedy

He’s a powerful billionaire CEO who built the family business into an empire. The money doesn’t matter to him, but the company is his life. And then his eccentric mother wills it all to her tiny dog.


I’m Vicky, the dog whisperer. (Not really, but that’s what my elderly neighbor always says.) When she dies, she surprises everybody by leaving a corporation worth billions to her dog, Smuckers. With me as his spokesperson.

Suddenly I go from running my Etsy store to sitting in an elegant Wall Street boardroom with Smuckers in my lap. And my neighbor’s son, Henry Locke, aka New York’s most eligible bachelor, glaring across the table at me.

Rumor has it Henry’s a business genius who’s as talented in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom. Sure, he’s gorgeous. Sex-in-a-seven-thousand dollar suit. But…

He’s arrogant and infuriating.

He refuses to listen to me when I insist I didn’t con his mother.

He thinks he can bully me, buy me off, control me, even seduce me.

Henry may have the women of Manhattan eating out of the palm of his hand, but I’m so over entitled rich guys who think they own the world.

No way will his wicked smile be charming ME out of my panties.

His wicked…devastating…impossible-to-resist smile.

Oh well, who needs panties anyway?



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Most Eligible Bastard by Annika Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Most Eligible Bastard was a fun, playful read. It got deep at points, but the overall balance fell toward a lighter read.

Vicky is a woman who refuses to be put down. When unwillingly placed into that situation, as guardian to a dog, her strength cannot be denied. She is a fabulous heroine, she is strong, smart, and looks out for herself and her own. When Henry tries to bully her, Vicky uses that in a way to boost her courage. She will always fight for what’s right. I loved her character, and watching her unfold. She and Henry were matched well, they both had very dynamic personalities.

Overall, Most Eligible Bastard is a must read from me. It has it all, heart, laughter, and an adorable little dog named Smuckers. It’s paced fairly quickly and the writing is just on point. It’s a witty, well constructed story.

Recommended to the reader looking for a tug at the heartstrings through their giggles.

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About Annika:

Annika Martin loves fun, dirty stories, hot heroes, and wild, dramatic everything. She enjoys hanging out in Minneapolis coffee shops with her writer husband, and also likes birdwatching at her bird feeder alongside her two stunningly photogenic cats, especially when she should be writing. She’s heavy into running, music, saving the planet, taking long baths, and consuming chocolate suckers. She’s worked a surprisingly large number of waitressing jobs, and has also worked in a plastics factory and the advertising trenches; her garden is total bee-friendly madness and her most unfavorite word is nosh or possibly fob. A NYT bestselling author, she has also written as RITA award-winning author Carolyn Crane.


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