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The Maverick Billionaires are five sexy, gorgeous, self-made men from the wrong side of town. They survived hell together, and now they’re taking on the world. An exciting and emotional new contemporary romance series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully!

Today’s spotlight in on Breathless In Love (The Maverick Billionaires, Book 1).

Breathless in LoveRCPR-blurb2Will Franconi has a dark past that he’s kept a closely guarded secret―very few people have ever heard his real story and he plans to keep it that way. After surviving a hellish childhood, he’s now living the dream life where everything he touches turns to gold. But something’s missing. He doesn’t quite know what until a simple letter from a teenage boy brings Harper Newman into his life. A woman who just might fill up the empty places inside him…if only he could ever be worthy of her love.

When a man has more money than he could possibly spend in five lifetimes, Harper has to ask herself what Will Franconi could possibly want from a woman like her? She’s learned the hard way that rich men always get what they want no matter the cost. If it was just herself she had to worry about, Harper would manage, but she’s guardian to her younger brother who depends on her for everything. After nearly losing his life in a car crash, she’s vowed never to let anyone hurt him ever again.

Still, sometimes Harper can’t help but long to change her story from one of an always-cautious woman to an adventurous tale of a heroine who’s wild and free…especially when Will’s kisses and caresses make her utterly breathless. And as he begins to reveal his story to her, she discovers that he’s so much more than just another wealthy, privileged man. He’s kind and giving, and he fills up all the spaces inside of her heart that have been empty for so long. Together, can they rewrite their stories into a happily-ever-after that neither of them had previously thought was possible?

my review2

Just WOW ….The Maverick Billionaires series is starting out with a fireworks display that will leave you breathless.

I want to share something about myself before I review this story for you…..


I AM a Harper Newman.

And now … on with my review …

The Mavericks Group is a group of men…Daniel, Sebastian, Evan, Matt, and Will, who picked themselves up from the bottom of the bottom and made a name for themselves. As children, they where brought together by trouble, neglect and misfortune. From despair they created a new identity and definition for themselves and an indestructible bond … they were family. Their pasts are dark, tortured and twisted. Their childhood was not a fairytale. Far from it. But they vowed to be better than their past. Breathless In Love is the story of Will Franconi.

Will Franconi spent the better part of the last two decades running from his past but at the same time making sure he never forgot a single moment. Because if he let himself forget, then he might believe. And if he believed, he could be destroyed. Because he defined himself by his past. And his past was a tortured twisted mess of neglect, deceit, bullying, and criminal activity as a child. Because of this, he defined himself as undeserving. But that was then and this is now. And even though it is two decades later, Will still does not believe …Until Harper and Jeremy Newman.

Harper and Jeremy are a package deal. Jeremy is Harper’s younger brother. Eleven years ago, Jeremy suffered irreparable brain damage when he was struck by a car while on his bicycle. And today he is an eighteen year old with the mentality of a seven year old. Although Jeremy is a high functioning member of society, he will never be able to fully function without assistance. So Harper and Jeremy are a package deal. A forever package. From the moment Will set eyes on Harper and Jeremy, he knew he wanted to be part of that package. Jeremy gave him purpose. Harper gave him hope. Hope in a future not defined by his past. Together, Jeremy & Harper just might help Will … BELIEVE .

This story was not only written perfectly, it was told flawlessly. Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully made sure to paint a picture true to life. The hurdles and difficulties surrounding Jeremy and Harper’s lives were well thought out and realistically portrayed. Will’s relations with Jeremy were natural and believable. The chemistry between Harper and Will exploded off the pages. Will opened up a place inside Harper she thought was locked forever and Harper shattered a notion Will had been holding on to for way too long. The three of them were kismet !!

This is not just a romance story. It’s a story of redemption and forgiveness. It’s a story of family, love and friendship. It’s a story of HOPE .

I shared the pic above with only one thought. I wanted you, as future readers, to see the truth in my words when I tell you that this is a beautiful story written correctly and true to life. I know this because I AM a Harper Newman. Every moment, every incident and every plot twist was perfectly executed. This story will break your heart but it will also make you smile and laugh. And if you too are a Harper Newman, it will help YOU believe .



Bella Having sold more than 4 million books, Bella Andre‘s novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists 23 times. After signing a groundbreaking 7-figure print-only deal with Harlequin MIRA, Bella’s “The Sullivans” series is being released in paperback in the US, Canada, and Australia.

Bella also writes the New York Times bestselling Four Weddings and a Fiasco series as Lucy Kevin. Her “sweet” contemporary romances also include the new Walker Island series written as Lucy Kevin.

If not behind her computer, you can find her reading her favorite authors, hiking, swimming or laughing. Married with two children, Bella splits her time between the Northern California wine country and a 100 year old log cabin in the Adirondacks.

To read more about Bella/Lucy, you can sign up for her newsletter, look for her on the web, Facebook and Twitter!

JennNY Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Skully is a lover of contemporary romance, bringing you poignant tales peopled with hilarious characters that will make you laugh and make you cry. Writing as Jasmine Haynes, she’s authored over 35 classy, sensual romance tales about real issues like growing older, facing divorce, starting over. Her books have passion and heart and humor and happy endings, even if they aren’t always traditional. She also writes gritty, paranormal mysteries in the Max Starr series.

Jasmine/Jennifer live in the foothills of a gorgeous California mountain range, the perfect setting for writing sensual romance, chilling mystery or something guaranteed to make you laugh. She and her husband have a recent addition to the household, an adorable nuisance, oops, adorable cat named Wrigley!

To read more about Jennifer/ Jasmine, sign up for her newsletter, look for her on the web, or visit her blog . You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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