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Top Shelf Romance is bringing you the best of the best of romance in Collection #4: Make Me Yours, featuring FIVE bestselling books from authors Devney Perry, Amo Jones, K. Bromberg & Chelle Bliss! ⁣


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Make Me Yours is a collection of four best-selling novels, including:

Devney Perry – The Birthday List

Amo Jones – In Peace Lies Havoc

Kristy Bromberg – The Player/The Catch

Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.

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Make Me Yours: Top Shelf Romance #4 by Devney Perry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Three of these stories and two of the authors were new to me and I fill enriched by all of these words and my purse is a bit lighter because I must devour all things Devney Perry and Amo Jones immediately!!

The Birthday List by Devney Perry: I mean …. *blank stare* wow

Okay, so first I have to tell you that Devney is a new to me author and even though from the blurb I could tell this book would pull at my heartstrings, I was not prepared for the tsunami of emotions it evoked. It wasn’t all on the writing. It was a combination of the writing and the storyline. They made the perfect storm. I’m a believer that not everyone can write anything and everything. Authors have distinctive voices and styles that allow them to be superstars with certain genres and tropes. Well, this is Devney’s superstar superpower. Even tho I haven’t read any other books by her; I am certain of it. Maybe she has more than one, who knows, but this is one.

I was invested in Poppy’s survival and path from the beginning. As someone who has had to travel a road after a devastating and unpredictable loss, my heart belonged to her. And it also belonged to Cole. He’s the man you want to help you thru any devastation. He was a total swoonfest. Truth be told, this entire story was an absolute swoonfest because as much as my hart bloke at every turn, it also soared. I can’t wait to dive into more Devney Perry goodness in the future!

In Peace Lies Havoc by Amo Jones: I mean … *blank stare* wow

Another author I had no idea what to expect and I’m pretty sure she gave me a few tiny heart attacks! Obviously, I’m invested now and have already read book 2, In Fury Lies Mischief, but I have to tell you, what I feel right now is more than just investment. I don’t know what an addict feels like when they don’t get their fix, but I’m betting it might be a little like I feel right now. This story gave me all kinds of feelings, from say what now? to fuck off with this to okay, new panties it is to to to …it’s a lot.

If this is your first step into the world that is Amo Jones, heed this advice: Don’t think too much while you read this story, just let the story happen. Trust me. No one gave me this advice and I could have used it. This is a complete and utter mind fuckery twist of a journey. If you try and figure out any of it, you might miss its greatness because you will give yourself a migraine. It’s a dark and twisted world and you should just flow right thru it!

When it comes to dark reads, I’m pretty picky because there needs to be a level of trust in the author’s ability to deliver. I personally think dark romances are one of the most difficult stories to unfold because it isn’t just about situations and plot, it’s about the design behind the machinations and the layers that hide in the shadows of the story. Not just anyone can pull this off. Amo Jones can pull it off in spades. #TRUST

Enshrine by Chelle Bliss: I mean … *blank stare* wow

so this was unexpected. I’m not new to Chelle’s work but apparently, I did not know how ridiculously multifaceted she truly was, so that was unexpected. I knew the story would have a heart, but I didn’t know it would shatter mine at the very same time as it put it together. I found it was more a story of life rather than love but there’s a romance in there and it is beautiful. It’s a story of living and surviving. It’s a story of patience and determination. Like I said, life. It’s an inspiring tale that packs a punch; very well written and developed.

The Player & The Catch by K Bromberg: Find my review here!

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