Love and Other Secrets by Christina Mandelski

Love and Other Secrets by Christina Mandelski
Publication Date:  September 3, 2018
Publisher:  Entangled Teen Crush


Star lacrosse player Alex “Kov” Koviak has it all. Or so everyone thinks. He’s real good at pretending his life is perfect…until he meets Bailey. The girl challenges him and pushes him and makes him laugh like he’s never laughed before. Their friendship is their little secret, and he’s happy to keep her to himself.

Between school, two jobs, and trying to get into NYU film school, Bailey Banfield has zero time for a social life. But then she meets Alex in her express lane at the grocery store, and their secret friendship becomes the only place she can breathe. She refuses to complicate that with more. No matter how charming Alex can be.

When Bailey decides to film outrageous promposals for her NYU application, she enlists Alex’s help to plan an over-the-top, epic promposal to someone else. Too bad the only prom date Alex wants anywhere near Bailey is him.

For a guy who seems to have it all, he’s about to lose the only thing he’s ever wanted.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Crush contains a cocky lacrosse player in over his head with his secret best friend, unexpected midnight kisses, swoon-worthy slow dancing, and movie-night cuddling that’ll make you ache. You’re going to want an Alex of your own!


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My Road(trip) to Publication

My path to publication, like so many others, was at times bumpy, at times smooth, and at times felt like I was at a standstill in a traffic jam of epic proportions. The most important lesson I’ve learned through over a decade of dedicated writing – keep driving. Keep moving forward, and eventually, you’ll get where you wanted to go (or at least be in the general vicinity).
I started pursuing publication in the early 2000s, and started my first young adult novel in 2007. As I wrote, I read – a lot—from the genre I was writing. I joined the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators, attended workshops and conferences and worked hard to educate myself on the industry. There is a definite learning curve and if you don’t spend time learning the system, you’re at a disadvantage.
By the time I finished the first draft of my book, I knew the basics, and I began to query agents. Through some huge stroke of luck, it wasn’t long before I signed with my agent, and all of a sudden I was working with an industry professional, polishing up my manuscript to get ready to submit to publishers.
In the fall of 2009, the manuscript sold to Egmont US, a new children’s branch of a very large English publisher. Things were great, the ride was smooth, I was on my way to holding my very first book in my hands.
Fortune continued to smile on me. My editor at Egmont was great, and the team there worked hard to push the title. The Sweetest Thing came out in 2011 and I was thrilled. It was a very fun year of book signings and school visits and blog tours and etc., etc. There were a few potholes in the road, but nothing was going to ruin my good time.
Until I wrote the next book – my agent submitted it to publishers and it didn’t sell. I’d worked so hard and long on it and loved it so much, but no one wanted to buy it. Then I wrote another book, one I loved even more than the first. And again, it didn’t sell.
At this point in this road trip that was my career as an author, I felt like I was broken down on the side of the road, in the middle of a desert, with vultures circling overhead. My agent continued to encourage me, my critique group pushed me to keep moving forward, my writer friends cheered me on, but this was a low point for me, and some days the last thing I wanted to do was open up a document and write.
In retrospect, all of these friends backing me up was exactly what I needed to keep going. They all still believed in me. I just had to believe in myself again.
Finally at some point in 2015, that’s exactly what happened. Honestly, I’d been through some bleak times, and I was tired of it. I was ready to come back into the light. My agent proposed that I try writing romance.
It wasn’t something that I’d considered before, writing books specifically for the romance market, but I figured I had nothing to lose, and it might be fun. Detours can be like that sometimes. I wrote a few sample chapters, got the job, and since then have fallen in love with writing these three books about the lacrosse players of Edinburgh, Florida and their love lives (and yes, it is a lot of fun!) for Entangled Crush.
Suddenly my broken down vehicle was rescued. My writing road trip was back on. So I guess the moral of my particular story is this – road trips can be a blast at times, and frustrating at others, and sometimes you want to walk away, hop a plane and go back home, but as long as you eventually get to your next stop, that’s really the point. The lesson I’ve learned is – stay the course, call AAA if you have to, and enjoy the ride.



Christina Mandelski was born in South Florida, where her love of reading was cultivated in a house full of books. Stories like The Little House series, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Island of the Blue Dolphins and The Secret Garden, filled her imagination and fueled her dreams to be a writer. That dream came true when her first young adult novel, THE SWEETEST THING, was published in 2011, and she’s beyond thrilled about her upcoming series for Entangled Crush. Chris lives in Houston with one handsome husband, two beautiful daughters, and two freakshow cats. She has a fondness for the beach, her family and friends, and she still loves to read (especially curled up with a good cup of coffee!) She also enjoys shopping, traveling and eating, especially cake. Always cake. When she’s not doing these things, you can find her holed in a cozy spot with her laptop, writing. Visit her at

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads



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