Keep My Heart: Top Shelf Romance #7

KEEP MY HEART by Top Shelf Romance
Release Date: September 8th

Top Shelf Romance is bringing you the best modern classics of romance in Collection #7, KEEP MY HEART, featuring FOUR bestselling books from authors: Lex Martin, Kennedy Ryan, Kennedy Fox, W Winters!!

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Keep My Heart is a collection of five best-selling novels including:
Lex Martin – Reckless
Kennedy Ryan – Long Shot
Kennedy Fox – Travis & Viola Duet
W Winters – Knocking Boots

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Keep My Heart: Top Shelf Romance #7 by Lex Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reckless by Lex Martin: 5 stars – Lex Martin writes incredible couples!! They are always so darn compatible and lift each other up in every way and are so complementary to each other. I love reading her stories because they are always a feel-good *happy sigh* swoon-fest!! You guys are going to love Ethan and Tori, #trust!!

Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan: 5 stars – MY REVIEW

Knocking Boots by Willow Winters: 4 Stars – I’ve only recently become obsessed with all things Willow Winters so I don’t think I can say everything she writes is gold, but so far, yes, yes it is!! This was a bit different than the books I’ve read so far but just as captivating. It’s a sweet romance with a bit of swoon wrapped up in a whole lot of heart. Easy read, not too angsty but definitely had #feels! It’s a different side of Willow than I’m used to, and I like it!

Travis & Viola Duet by Kennedy Fox (Checkmate: This is War & This is Love): – resounding 5 stars – I wasn’t a fan of this author duo when this duet first published but in the last couple of years there hasn’t been a release of theirs I haven’t #oneclicked and ran to a corner to read immediately! This collection gave me the opportunity to go back and start the Checkmate duets from the beginning and it has been quite a ride! From the title of the two stories you can pretty much pick up on the love/hate vibe this duet has but it’s actually more of a frenemies vibe with a whole lot of delicious sexual pull! This duet was the perfect blend of high/low I love to read in duets. For me, high/low means the first book is all about the tension and the second book is all about the calm, and this author duo delivered in spades! I really enjoy reading this author duo and this duet was fantastic!

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