His Forbidden Princess (Dirty Royals #3) by Vivian Wood


Release Date: September 15th

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His Forbidden Princess is an all-new jaw-dropping and brilliant standalone contemporary romance from Wall Street Journal Bestseller Vivian Wood is AVAILABLE NOW!!


Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest

I was born a scoundrel. Destined to a life of poverty, until the royal family saved me. I owe them my life, and I’ll do anything to uphold my duty.

Even when my duty is babysitting Annika, the king’s little sister.

Except it turns out that Nika isn’t the wayward wild child I thought she was. She’s whimsical, stubborn, funny, gorgeous… and completely off limits.

Not only is she my best friend’s kid sister, Nika is a full ten years younger than me. While I was going to university, she was hanging posters of Justin Bieber on her walls and doing geometry homework. Don’t even get me started on the fact that she is a princess and I’m just a commoner.

And when I thought things couldn’t get more awkward? She asks me to be her first. Now every time I think about Annika, I picture her moaning my name.

My duty, my honor, and my sense of what’s right tell me not to look Nika’s way again… But my heart refuses to resist her.

The only question is, once I give in and take what I need… will having Annika just one time be enough?

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His Forbidden Princess by Vivian Wood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This Royal Romance was a win for me!! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it because I’ve never been a huge fan of royal or fairytale romance journeys, but the story of Anikka and Eric captured my heart. These two had a whole lot going against them but they persevered and it was captivating and fun to read.

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His Forbidden Princess by Vivian Wood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A new to me author and it’s once again a great pick for 2020.

I liked the dynamics of this story. Both MCs had issues that needed to be resolved before they could admit what and who they wanted. Of course there is the whole drama of their love being frowned upon, Erik being dumb and almost losing Nika, but as the fairy tales usually end up our MCs live to see the HEA they deserved.

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About the Author:

Vivian likes to write about troubled, deeply flawed alpha males and the fiery, kick-ass women who bring them to their knees.

Vivian’s lasting motto in romance is a quote from a favorite song: “Soulmates never die.”

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