Her Dirty Doctors (Men at Work #3) by Mika Lane

Title: Her Dirty Doctors
Series: Working Man Reverse Harem Romance #3
Author: Mika Lane
Genre: Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance
Release Date: September 16, 2020


Headlands Hospital’s hottest doctors. Brilliant. Good looking. And terribly off limits.


I went to the hospital with an aching… need.
And the handsome doctors made me all better with their big… instruments.
I want to show them my… gratitude.
But first I have make sure they don’t find out my father is their boss.
Or that I’m just finishing nursing school—and will start working with them next month.


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Her Dirty Doctors by Mika Lane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Back in July, I was on Booksprout reviewing a couple of books and came across Her Dirty Doctors, book 1 in this series, and I was all over it immediately. Then I started stalking Mika for the rest of the books lol which brings me to this delicious morsel of a story! You guys … I have read all three books now and I am in lust with all of them!

I said this in my review of the first book and it holds true with all the books thus far: there is more to these stories than a sexually driven reverse harem sexfest! I know, the title and the synopsis don’t tell you that, but I promise you, there is a story behind these naughty kids, and it is glorious! It’s a story of growth, acceptance and becoming your own person. It’s a story with a little mystery and suspense that blends really well with the romance journey. And see, that’s what I like best about a Mika Lane book! She is a wizard with the blending and layering. Her plots always unfold well, and I never find myself lost in any way and there is always something going on in the background of the principal story. It’s magic! LOL

I’m not going to give you a play-by-play, but I promise you that you will be entertained and captivated by this story from beginning to end. Okay, at least I was so I’m assuming you will be as well! 🙂

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#2 Her Dirty Teachers

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#4 Her Dirty Bodyguards – Releasing October 26

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