Heartbroken Hero by Lauren Runow & Jeannine Colette

Title: Heartbroken Hero: Falling for a Cancer
Authors: Jeannine Colette & Lauren Runow
Series: Falling For The Stars Book 7
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Publication date: June 21, 2022


Heartbroken Hero: Falling for a Cancer, the next installment in the Falling for the Stars series, follows a city girl who escapes a family scandal by hiding out in a Carolina beach town only to meet a moody (and gorgeous!) single father who doesn’t trust women in heels!


I need to get out of town … fast.

Scandal, betrayal, and a tarnished name have me fleeing my Manhattan penthouse with a lone suitcase and a manila envelope holding the hardest decision I’ll ever have to make.

With no destination in mind, I land in a quaint beach town in South Carolina. I’m about to get lunch when my Christian Louboutin heel gets stuck in the decking. I’m desperate to rescue it when my hero appears.

A very moody, very heartbroken hero named Grant Dawson.

He’s sensitive, protective, and absolutely gorgeous. I have to shield myself from the sun but mostly to avoid his glare. Grant doesn’t take well to women from the big city … especially ones who wear expensive shoes.

Despite Grant’s unwelcoming attitude, I decide to stay in town and rent a room from an elderly woman who sets me up with a job as a waitress. Imagine my surprise when I find Grant is my new boss, and he’s annoyed to be working with me.

Not one to bow down from a challenge, I work alongside Grant even if it kills me to do so. As I get to know him, I start to like the single father with a painful past. The more I care, the easier I find I could fall in love with him.

Grant doesn’t trust women in heels for a reason. When I get the courage to open the manila envelope, I might once again prove him right when I walk out the door for good.



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“Why do you hate me?” I ask him.

“I never said I hated you.”

“Ha!” I laugh out. “You fooled me. You sure treat me like you hate me. What did I do to you?”

“It’s nothing you did. I just don’t trust your type.”

I pull away from him, almost losing my balance completely. “My type?” I spit out once I regain my footing as I grip onto the top of the open door.

“Just get in the car, Soph.” He reaches out to me, but I pull away.

“That’s not fair. You don’t even know me.”

“You’re right. I don’t. But can we get you inside so you don’t injure yourself, and, maybe, you can come to work again so I don’t have to search for another employee.”

“See. Right there. Why did you say ‘maybe’? I’m doing a good job.” I stand up showing my pride at how far I’ve come.

He takes off his hat and runs his hands through his hair. It’s unruly and wild.

“You know you’re not a waitress.”

I hold my arms out dramatically wide. “Obviously. What gave that away?  I’m an accountant. A damn good one, too. In fact, people wait weeks for a chance to meet with me. Weeks! And you won’t even let me help you with your books!” I shout. He starts to talk and I shush him. “No. No more words from you. I hate your words. They’re short. And condescending. It’s like you have this way of saying mean things that don’t sound mean to the outside world, but you twist them in a way that they become these little digs. You know what? Darla’s right. She said you don’t fight with me. You don’t. You’re just a passive aggressive asshole. That’s right. I just called you an asshole. That felt good. Really good, actually. I should curse more often. The profanity is really doing things for me tonight.”

“I think it was the lemon drop shots—”

“There you go again! Stop acting like you know me. Okay. Fine. I’m not a waitress. I’m only doing it for your grandmother. Who is really amazing by the way. How you and her are related is beyond me.”

“And you say I’m the rude one.” He folds his arms over his chest. I can’t help but stare. The fact that I find his biceps, and the way they curl, so mesmerizing makes me angry. “You’re staring.”

“It’s unfair.” I motion toward his body. “Why do you have to be so attractive?”

He raises a brow.

I sneer at him. “Don’t act like you don’t know you’ve got the whole golden skin, chiseled jaw, hot single dad thing going on. Before you make any wise cracks, I will point out that I caught you looking at my boobs twice tonight.” I raise my chin, proud of my assessment. I’m also a bit confused. How did we get on this topic?

Grant stares back, his eyes surveying me; softening and then narrowing in confusion. “Are you done?”

“I think so.”

His chest expands as he puts his hat back on. “Can I bring you home now?”


Heartbroken Hero: Falling for a Cancer by Lauren Runow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second book by this duo that I found myself in it. The first one was »Aquarius« (my zodiac sign) and that one hit hard.

And now we have Cancer which is my husband’s zodiac sign and once again it was hard to read and not feel all the struggles, distrust, happiness and love.

Grant and Sophie both have pasts that are not letting them open completely. Her life back home is in ruins, his past is also not all sunshine and roses.

So when they clash they clash hard. But the more time they spend together the more they open to each other, all to discover that not all has to be mapped out in order to be happy and successful.

Overall, this was (once again) an interesting read and I’ll take a lot with me form it. Definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

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*The Falling for the Stars series features STANDALONE novels with unique tropes, dynamic heroines, and heroes created with traits of specific zodiac signs. Grab your favorite and enjoy these happily-ever-afters in any order.*

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About The Authors:

Lauren Runow is the author of multiple Adult Contemporary Romance novels, some more dirty than others. When Lauren isn’t writing, you’ll find her listening to music, at her local CrossFit, reading, or at the baseball field with her boys. Her only vice is coffee, and she swears it makes her a better mom!

Lauren is a graduate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco and is the founder and co-owner of the community magazine she and her husband publish. She lives in Northern California with her husband and two sons.

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Jeannine Colette is the author of the Abandon Collection – a series of stand-alone novels featuring dynamic heroines who have to abandon their reality in order to discover themselves . . . and love along the way. Each book features a new couple, exciting new city and a rose of a different color.

A graduate of Wagner College and the New York Film Academy, Jeannine went on to become a Segment Producer for television shows on CBS and NBC. She left the television industry to focus on her children and pursue a full-time writing career. She lives in New York with her husband, the three tiny people she adores more than life itself, and a rescue pup named Wrigley.

Jeannine and her family are active supporters of The March of Dimes and Strivright The Auditory-Oral School of New York.

Find out more: http://jeanninecolette.com/

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