Hard Truths by Alex Whitehall

Hello, everybody! I’m Alex Whitehall, and I’m here today touring for my contemporary m/m romance, Hard Truths, which is about Isaac and Logan’s whirlwind romance, as well as coming out and what family means. But it’s not all angst and drama. In fact, I hope you’ll have as much fun watching these guys fool around as I had making them be goofs.


About Hard Truths

He can’t have the family he wants, but he may get the love he deserves.

Isaac didn’t expect to find love at his family’s Christmas dinner, but that was before he met his sister’s new fake boyfriend. Tall, muscular, and tattooed, Logan is what Isaac would love in a partner—and also everything his parents would hate in one. Not that they know Isaac’s gay.

That doesn’t stop him from dating Logan—unbeknownst to his parents, and with his sister’s approval after she fake dumps him. The pair dive into a whirlwind romance of motorcycle rides, cheesy puns, and hot sex. They meet each other’s friends and fill their time with happiness and laughter. It’s all perfect.

Until Isaac suggests they move in together, and Logan asks Isaac to come out to his parents. Isaac wants to, but he’s scared; he doesn’t want to lose his family. Unfortunately, he can’t see that his real family has been right beside him all along.



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Hard Truths by Alex Whitehall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Isaac loves his parents, he just doesn’t like them much. Another forced holiday with them is not his idea of a good time. When his sister brings her boyfriend to the festivities it’s a little different. The man is a tattooed wonder. Isaac’s attraction isn’t appropriate until the boyfriend grabs his butt and he realizes that the man is not his sisters after all.

Logan is doing a good deed and in the process finds someone very interesting. When Isaac and him get together it seems so right. Their relationship turns serious very quickly. Logan ask him to move in but doesn’t want to be a secret. He tells Isaac when he admits to his parents that he is gay, they can live together. Isaac struggles with telling them the truth. When he tells them it turns out worse than he could of ever possibly imagined.

In the aftermath he loses even more. Not sure his previous life is recoverable, he is devastated.
Can he get his life back to the way it was?

This book was probably a 3.5 for me but I bumped it up because the beginning and ending of the book were good and Logans character made it interesting. The middle dragged a little. It seemed all the characters were a bit immature which took away from the story.

I received an arc of this book from Netgalley.

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