Great and Precious Things by Rebecca Yarros

Great and Precious Things by Rebecca Yarros

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Publication Date: February 25, 2020



How do you define yourself when others have already decided who you are?

Six years ago, when Camden Daniels came back from war without his younger brother, no one in the small town of Alba, Colorado, would forgive him—especially his father. He left, swearing never to return.

But a desperate message from his father brings it all back. The betrayal. The pain. And the need to go home again. But home is where the one person he still loves is waiting. Willow. The one woman he can never have. Because there are secrets buried in Alba that are best left in the dark.

If only he could tell his heart to stay locked away when she whispers she’s always loved him, and always will…

Great and Precious Things is a heart-wrenching story about family, betrayal, and ultimately how far we’re willing to go on behalf of those who need us most.


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Great and Precious Things by Rebecca Yarros
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

But I’ve got to say one thing; How the hell did I manage to live this long for this to be my first Rebecca Yarros book?!? How the hell it’s possible that I’ve never read this all consuming, heartbreaking, all the feels books that she delivers.

I don’t have words to describe what this book did to me. My heart broke everytime someone spoke with anger or malice with Cam. I’m not sure how he stood his ground and took it all stoically. And that’s why I loved Willow. She was his rock and I loved her for choosing him before everyone else. Their love made me a believer that good things come to those who wait and that good people always get their HEA’s.

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Meet The Author

Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and a lover of all things coffee, chocolate, and Paleo. She is the author of the Flight & Glory series, including Full Measures, the award-winning Eyes Turned Skyward, Beyond What is Given, and Hallowed Ground. She loves military heroes, and has been blissfully married to hers for sixteen years.

When she’s not writing, she’s tying hockey skates for her four sons, sneaking in some guitar time, or watching brat-pack movies with her two daughters. She lives in Colorado with the hottest Apache pilot ever, their rambunctious gaggle of kids, an English bulldog who is more stubborn than sweet, and a bunny named General Fluffy Pants who torments the aforementioned bulldog. Having adopted their youngest daughter from the foster system, and Rebecca is passionate about helping others do the same.

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