Going Up by Katherine Stevens


Title: Going Up
Series: The Elevator #2 (Standalone)
Author: Katherine Stevens
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 6, 2017





Margaret Vincent Foster came into the world with two things: money and a rebellious streak. She can’t find the love of her life, so she fills the void by dating characters you would normally only find in the drunk tank on a full moon. She’s the girl your parents never thought to warn you about. She will steal your heart, and maybe a little bit of your soul.


Maggie’s only goal is to not end up like her socialite parents and their friends. They want her to settle down and be comfortable, and all Maggie can think about is a boy in a Star Wars costume she met half a lifetime ago. Her prized velvet Elvis and celebrity hair clippings in tow, she drags everyone along as she carves her own path in the world.


When others are going down, Maggie is going up.

Going Up by Katherine Stevens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An over the top romantic comedy!

Maggie is a sweet, naive girl, just trying to break the mold. She’s unintentionally hilarious, daring, and always has a plan. Her best friend tries to help her keep her head on straight as Maggie goes out of her way to defy her parents. She’s a true one of a kind.

Finn is unexpected. We don’t get to know him as much as we get to know Maggie. The whirlwind relationship he takes Maggie on is one of fun and adventure. He’s indulgent and ready for anything.

I found my self giggling, just waiting to see what was going to happen next. Going Up is a very quickly paced story, jam packed with laughs as we watch Maggie wade through life.

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Author Bio

When Katherine Stevens isn’t writing, she can usually be found opening juice boxes and looking for lost shoes. Her kids keep her quite busy and always zig-zagging across the line of sanity. She is a lifelong Texan with a terrible sense of direction and even worse memory. She thinks life is entirely too hard if you don’t laugh your way through it.

As a child, she dreamed of being the most sarcastic astronaut in history, but her poor math skills and aversion to dehydrated food kept her out of the space program. Now she writes to pass the time until NASA lowers their standards. Your move, NASA. 


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