Forbidden by Kora Knight & Raven Foxx

An Erotic Paranormal Gay Romance
By Kora Knight & Raven Foxx

A vampire’s hunger. An angel’s light.

Stationed in New York City, mission angel Jazz Jagger has one sole objective: to eradicate demons from the human realm. Problem is, their underlord Seth Masters isn’t exactly okay with that. Furious at the loss he’s accruing, he has Jazz captured, anxious to punish him personally, but Jazz turns out to be an angel like none he has ever met.
Despite raw, torn emotion, their dynamic shifts, their story’s dark start changing to something entirely different. Something that neither male in his right mind could ever have expected.
Anger and resentment, now desire and need.
A vampire’s hunger. An angel’s light.
Opposites attract like never before.
Still, despite Jazz’s efforts to make them compatible, Seth remains hesitant. Will dark pride prevail, denying them the happy ending they’ve struggled so hard for?



Forbidden by Kora Knight

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a tale of a world that we mortals don’t get to see; a world of angels and demons in an age old battle for victory. It’s no light telling, it’s barbaric and cruel in parts but something trumps the brutality; and that is attraction and lust and allowing yourself to accept and welcome feelings you’ve never experienced before. Jazz Jagger, a mission angel with one task: destroy the demons that are populating this earth, but he doesn’t expect to be up against the vampire underlord, Seth Masters. When Seth captures Jazz in retaliation for Jazz and his siblings’ demon killing spree, what then then begins is something neither of them expected. I adored seeing Seth become bewitched by Jazz and watching all the alien feelings of care, and trust and love come to the fore and I loved how brave Jazz was and how he handled Seth. It was beautiful to watch them dance around each other while succumbing to the lust and attraction growing likes weeds between them; watching the mind games at the beginning and the push and pull between two men so remarkably different was sublime, they were being pulled in direction neither of them expected but were destined to. Falling in love is never easy and if you’re the vampire underlord falling for a mission angel, hell, you’re really up against it. This is a deliciously dark and dirty read and one I really enjoyed.

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Kora Knight, endeavoring to share with the world her impassioned stories of love, adventure, and sensual wonderment, her most recent delight being that of m/m erotic romance. Having just finished the second installment (Zercy) of her best selling, erotic sci-fi fantasy m/m romance series, The Nira Chronicles (Dec 31, 2017), she will be continuing on with a handful of other projects, including the second novel-length spin-off to the Upending Tad series, featuring Breck and Kai.

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