Finding Peace (Reclaiming Life #3) by Alaine Greyson


Finding Peace
Alaine Greyson
(Reclaiming Life, #3)
Publication date: September 24th 2020
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense



Bracken Point is full of secrets, but none top the ones Tobias Sawyer is ordered to keep.

Sent undercover, Tobias arrives at the small town of Bracken Point determined to solve the case and leave. But he never counted on meeting Madeline Grant.

Ten years ago, Madeline was injured in a house fire, leaving severe burns over her body. Now at twenty, she prefers life behind the scenes, not wanting people to see her scars. When Tobias begins to notice her, will Madeline let down her guard or run away?



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Finding Peace by Alaine Greyson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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This story was a no go for me. The characters and plot were insufferable. The story line could have been good but it was all over the place. The characters were all morons and half the characters fell of the face of the earth in the story. There was a ton of fluff in it too. It was painful trying to read it.

Madeline was pathetic. The more she tried to prove she “wasn’t a naive child,” the more immature she actually acted. In fact I felt all the characters were immature.

Preston/Tobias was weak. For a seasoned detective he never got a single thing right. Even with distractions or being blinded by self-fish motives you’d think he would have some decency, but no, he was terrible. He wasn’t a strong, sexy, hero. He was a manipulative, lying, self-fish, asshat.

Their love story made no sense at all. There was no spark, no fireworks, no chemistry. Just a girl acting like a high schooler crushing on a boy in an almost obsessive manner. And she was in love with him just by looking at him. She was basically a nuisance and his doormat.

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Author Bio:

Alaine Greyson lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, son and cocker spaniel puppy. She loves to push the envelope with her stories and strives to make her readers sympathize with characters from all backgrounds. Alaine is an avid reader and considers Jane Austen and Diana Gabaldon to be her literary heroes. She loves Mexican food, 80s music and is a Robert Downey Jr. super-fan. You will find mentions of things she loves throughout her books.

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  1. Bea LaRocca

    I love the book cover and synopsis, this sounds like a must read for me. Thank you for sharing your book and author details and for offering a giveaway

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