Everlasting Temptation (British Rendezvous #4) by Scarlett Avery

British Rendezvous is a Menage Romance consisting of 4 books. The entire series has a HEA ending.

Book 1 is sexy as hell. Book 2 is smoking hot. Book 3 is smoldering. Book 4 is illegally hot! Yeah, it’s very possible your e-reader will melt!

This is a captivating Ménage Romance / Summer Romance / BBW Romance / Curvy Romance / British Romance and Interracial Romance all wrapped into one saucy package.

Warning: This Ménage Romance / Curvy Women Romance is full of mind-blowing passion. Proceed at your own risk, but it’s well worth the hotter-than-hell ride!

****Please note there are NO bisexual themes in any of my Ménage Romance series. My Alpha Males are only devoted to the woman who’s the object of their desire****

***Part 4 of this sexy Ménage Romance / Curvy Women Romance by Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery is a must-read seductive roller coaster. ***

Snap Shot: Two Sexy and Strapping Alpha Brits. One Disillusioned Curvy BBW Texan. One Unforgettable Summer Filled With Unspeakable Naughty Pleasures!

***POV from all 3 main characters.***

When twenty-four-year-old Delilah Bell Babcock is selected for a summer internship in London, England, she’s excited at the prospective of a fresh-start.

Leaving her relationship woes behind in New York City, she sets off to the other side of the pond. Her only goal is to perfect her skills as a curator.

She never expected to meet the likes of Ethan Akuna.

At only twenty-eighty, Ethan is one of London’s most sought after art buyers. He’s a fierce negotiator and he rarely loses. He’s just used to getting what he wants in life.

There’s something else you should know about Ethan. He’s very domineering, illegally hot and his dirty-talk will make you lose your bloody mind.

When he catches sight of Delilah’s tempting curves, it ruins it for all others. Ethan is determined to have her underneath him. He’s also certain she’s the kind of bombshell that he’d love to devour under his best friend’s watchful eye.

It makes sense since Ethan and Xander believe in sharing… everything!

Xander Emerson is charming, witty, impulsive and a delicious piece of eye candy! Just like Ethan, he prefers his women with plenty of curves.

One chance encounter places all three of them in the same spot at the same time.

Delilah chucks it off to luck. Ethan and Xander see it very differently.

What seems to be a coincidence turns out to be so much more!

Little does she know that these two dangerously sexy and lickable hunks will turn her world upside down the second they have her behind closed doors.

Will Delilah succumb to their magnetic and irresistible charm or will her straight-laced Southern upbringing keep her on the straight and narrow?

PLEASE NOTE: This is a FOUR book HEA story. Reading should begin at Book 1




Bestselling Amazon Author Scarlett Avery’s Book Boyfriends aren’t like ANY others you’ve ever cuddled to before. These dirty-talking, DOMINEERING, saucy seducers will make you forget all the other ones.

Yeah, Scarlett’s Alpha Males are that DANGEROUSLY HOT!

Be warned: Her books have been dubbed, “Epic & Mind-Blowing!” This Canadian romance author’s books will melt your

e-readers and they will leave you on the edge of your seat!

I dare you to discover how SIZZLING they REALLY ARE…

Scarlett’s romance books feature delicious Alpha Males that will make you swoon, smart and sassy women, lots of

drama, plenty of steam and sizzle, a roller coaster ride, unexpected twists, and always a HAPPY ENDING.

P.S.: Once you 1-click Scarlett’s books, there’s NO going back!


Here are a few more things you might want to know: http://scarlettavery.com/more-more-more/


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