Don’t Break This Kiss: Top Shelf Romance Collection #5




Top Shelf Romance is bringing you the best modern classics of romance in Collection #5, DON’T BREAK THIS KISS, featuring FOUR bestselling books from authors Jessica Hawkins, Kylie Scott, Marni Mann, and Carrie Ann Ryan!

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Don’t Break this Kiss: Top Shelf Romance #5 by Jessica Hawkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Explicitly Yours by Jessica Hawkins: This is the story I was most looking forward to with this collection! I haven’t read too many books by this author in the past, but this story has been recommended to me by several people now! These four stories delivered a reading experience that had me glued to my kindle for what felt like 3 days straight! I was enraptured from the beginning! All the ups and downs and twists made it super exciting! I liked this author’s take on the commonly known phrase indecent proposal and while I thought the ending to the journey was a bit too neat compared to the intensity of the overall journey, it’s still a 5+ star read!!

Before You by Marni Mann: This story #wins for uniqueness and strength of emotion. I have never read anything like what I just read in this story. The emotion behind the story is profoundly strong and will sit in your soul for a ling time. I can’t imagine what my life as a reader was before this. I mean just wow!!

Lies by Kylie Scott: Okay, so I won’t say that I disliked this story, but I also won’t say I was a fan. I honestly didn’t go into it with any expectations and although I did enjoy (somewhat) the humor element behind it all, it just did not come across a realistic, even for fiction. I’m not going to nit-pick and give a blow by blow of what didn’t work for me because it was exactly that … it didn’t work for me. So this is me, moving along to the next story/book LOL

Wrapped in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan: I loved that I finally got an opportunity to start this series! It’s been on my TBR since 2015!! YAY! I’ve only read this author sporadically, but it has always been on my bucket list to maybe one day just set aside a couple of weeks and immerse myself in Montgomery Ink Country as I like to refer to all the interconnected books that make up this grand series! Maybe some day I will get the chance, but for now, Wrapped in Ink is in the spotlight, and what a bright spotlight it is! I absolutely loved everything about this journey! There’s quite a few circumstances going on in this story for both Liam and Arden but it’s not overwhelming and overall their story turned out to be sweet and poignant and will you satisfied yet wanting so much more from each of their siblings!

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Kiss and tell?

They say a lady shouldn’t, but we’ll bet you’re dying to know who’s between our covers. Top Shelf Romance brings you 4 irresistible book boyfriends in just one book.

Don’t Break this Kiss is a collection of four best selling novels including:

Explicitly Yours by Jessica Hawkins
Before You by Marni Mann
Lies by Kylie Scott
Wrapped in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.





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