Consumed by Love (Written in the Stars: Scorpio) by C.M. Albert

Consumed by Love (Written in the Stars: Scorpio) by C.M. Albert

Genre: Contemporary Romance

PublisherFlowerWork Press

Publication DateOctober 22, 2020


Brynn Hartley

There are three constants in my life: my best friend Lindy, my rising career at Sterling & Masters Publishing, and my daily horoscope. Imagine my surprise when on what’s supposed to be the most magical twenty-eighth birthday ever, I get the news that not only didn’t I get the promotion I’d been chasing, but that it’s going to an outsider.

There isn’t enough alcohol in all of Charlotte to make things right again. The only thing my stupid horoscope got right was the handsome stranger I ended up stumbling into—quite literally—as I drowned my sorrows. But not even a sexy, square jaw and piercing eyes the color of the night sky is enough to let Mister Conceited into my bed to ease my bruised ego. That is, until odds against odds, I bump into him again the very next night. This time? He’s a lot more persuasive.

Just when I think things can’t get any worse, the universe laughs in my face when I finally meet my new boss—who just so happens to be the man I let do unthinkable things to my body all weekend. Whoopsie! And Pierce Abrams makes is crystal clear that he’ll stop at nothing to have my body again in every way imaginable—even as he thieves my dreams right from under me.

The only silver lining right now is when an old friend unexpectedly crashes the party after nearly twenty years. Gone is the dorky boy next door I’d once crushed on. Any fantasies I’d conjured up about Noah Chance over the years paled in comparison to the heart-stopping, panty-melting hunk he’d become. But things have a way of getting worse before they get better—and maybe his homecoming isn’t so unscripted after all.

Somewhere—torn between the pages of a forbidden romance with my new boss and a chance at the kind of love fairy tales are made of—is my heart. Is my destiny written in the stars like my horoscope said? Or will I crash and burn, consumed by the very love I never knew I was looking for?



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Consumed by Love by C.M. Albert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good God in heaven what a HOT read this novella was. The instant explosive chemistry was sizzling hot and it made me turn pages with rapid speed to see where it would take our MC’s. They both had strong personalities and we’re determent not to their involment affect their jobs. Everything was happening so fast and before I knew it it was all over.

This series is seriously amazing because what else would you name it when this is book 10 and I’ve yet to read a story I didn’t like.

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Consumed by Love by C.M. Albert
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read all the books in this series and they have all been very satisfying, but this book was deliciously satisfying and so much more! This author is new to my reading world, so I flew in blind (because we all know how good I am about reading blurbs and whatnot (I am not lol)) and what an exhilarating flight it was!

This story was a perfect blend of sexy and emotion. I was honestly stunned at how well it was blended for the length of the story. I was also pleasantly surprised at how invested I was in the storyline. I read a lot. For me, getting invested doesn’t happen often because some storylines I’ve read way too many times. The one-night stand that turns out to be your boss is not new to me. I expected to enjoy myself for a few hours and move on the next book. Yeah, no. I was in it with these characters. My mind and heart were invested. I wanted to be in their circle! And all of it was wrapped up in a seriously sexy cloak from beginning to end. Not only did Brynn and Pierce have spark, but so did their story!

I am so ridiculously impressed with this author right now that I could kick myself for not having read her in the past. I’ve got a couple of her books from her backlist queued up already and I can’t wait to read her release in the Cocky Hero Club universe soon!

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Meet The Author

USA Today bestselling author C.M. Albert writes heartwarming romances that are “sexy and flirty, sweet and dirty!” Her writing infuses a healthy blend of humor, high-heat romance, and most of all—hope. When not writing, or kid-wrangling with her handsome hubby, she’s either meditating, kayaking, reading, hugging a tree, or asleep. But first, coffee. #TonyStarkForever

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