Changing Colors (Seasons of Love #4) by Elyse Springer

Today I am super stoked to announce we have Elyse Springer with us sharing all the fashion and makeup research she compiled for her new release Changing Colors!


I think all authors love researching for a new book, and the research for Changing Colors was especially fun! Gee is gender non-conforming, which means (very simply) that he doesn’t conform to societal expectation regarding gender roles. This comes through in his character and his appearance, and also causes Tony to question his own world view:

A long, black wool coat framed a cute pink dress that fell to midthigh, a black ribbon creating the illusion of hips by wrapping around his waist and tying into a bow in the middle. Black tights, lacy at the thigh, transitioned to solid below his knee. A pair of ankle boots completed the outfit.

It would have looked stunning on any woman that Tony was meeting for a date.

But Gee wasn’t a woman.

Getting to browse the internet for inspiration for Gee’s clothing and makeup was a lot of fun—and also an education! I rarely wear dresses or makeup myself, and I got sucked into the world of fashion and makeup tutorials while trying to find Gee’s personal style.

A lot of the fashion that I found was via Tumblr or internet searches (I’m definitely not fashion savvy enough to know anything about houses or lines or all that!), but I figured I’d share a few images that helped to inspire Gee:


I also went down the YouTube rabbit hole, and found artists like Manny MUA and Arabia Felix.



For someone who barely knows how to use an eyeliner pencil, this was a trip into a whole new world! It also helped to give me a better idea for Gee’s personality, and how that might influence his clothes and makeup choices!

What are some of your favorite fashion designers or makeup artists? If you have a favorite tutorial or site, please include a link!


Changing Colors, the fourth and final book in the Season of Love universe. I can’t wait to introduce you to Tony and Gee– who is, by the way, one of my favorite characters ever! This book is a stand-alone, but readers of previous SoL books will definitely see some familiar faces. Follow the blog tour to learn more about the book, the series, and the romance… and don’t forget to check the tour each day, for your chance to win an Amazon gift card!


Tony Quinn has a knack for figuring people out. He likes labels, likes to be able to put everyone and everything in tidy boxes. As a theater director, it allows him to run a production without too much drama. But when he meets Gentry—“call me Gee”—in a bar one night, he discovers that some people aren’t so easily defined.


Gee Parnell is unlike anyone Tony has ever met before. He refuses to conform—to Tony’s expectations, or to society’s gender roles. He’s sexy and flirtatious, unapologetic and unashamed. And Tony isn’t sure he’s okay with that. So he breaks things off and escapes back into his well-ordered life.


But then an attack leaves Gee bloody and bruised, and Tony realizes that he isn’t ready to lose him. Not only is the passion between them off the charts, but Gee shows him a different way of understanding people. However, an exciting new job opportunity means that Tony has to decide between hiding his sexuality and his relationship with Gee, and his newfound appreciation for the color and beauty Gee brings to his life.


Now available from Riptide Publishing.


About the Seasons of Love Universe


New York is the city that never sleeps: where everything can change in the blink of an eye, and where anything is possible—especially romance. In the bitter cold of winter or the impossible humidity of mid-summer, your own happily ever after might be right around the corner.


The people of New York come from all walks of life, and the relationships are just as diverse. So whether you’re a waiter or an aspiring actor, a banker or a model, falling in love can happen quicker than the seasons change.


Check out Seasons of Love!



About Elyse Springer


Elyse is an author and world-traveler, whose unique life experiences have helped to shape the stories that she wants to tell. She writes romances with LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, and believes that every person deserves a Happily Ever After. When she’s not staring futilely at her computer screen, El spends her time adding stamps to her passport, catching up on her terrifying TBR list, and learning to be a better adult.

She’s always happy to chat with other readers, and you can find her online at:





To celebrate the release of Changing Colors, one lucky winner will receive a $15 Amazon gift card! Leave a comment with your contact info to enter the contest. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on October 28, 2017. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries.

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    The makeup videos look so fun!


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    Congrats on the book. Thanks for some insight on writing this book.
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    Thanks for the post. I’m not much into fashion designers or makeup either.
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    Thanks for the blogtour! I hope you’re having a great release week.

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    Congrats, El, and thanks for the fashion lesson. The pics were great. I love RuPaul’s Drag Race, and I know non-confirming isn’t just that, but that’s why I like how your series explores sexual fluidity. – Purple Reader,
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