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Attraction for Adam was not a handsome face, a striking smile, or beautiful eyes, but a scent that would drive him to distraction or a voice that could make his heart beat faster. When the combination of the two walked into his life in Luke, Adam couldn’t help but want him. But how was he supposed to know if Luke felt the same attraction? He had no prior experience, no past encounters, nothing to help him. Not even his sight.

One look at Adam and Luke wanted him. Sensual, gorgeous, kind, with a strength that Luke was drawn to, Adam was everything Luke desired. Being in Adam’s arms, showing him the pleasure of a man’s body, being touched, held, and desired in return, had Luke wanting more, had him wanting what he knew he couldn’t have.

It didn’t matter to him that Adam was blind, but Adam deserved more than someone like him. Luke was a man with a broken past and falling in love with Adam was a foolish thing to do, especially because Adam would never love him back if he found out what Luke was hiding.

Blind Passion by Penny Brandon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Adam has been blind from birth. He a teacher who needs help with grading papers. Luke has been assigned his helper for a few weeks as part of his community service. We don’t know what the service is for.

Neither know the other is gay but each suspects that might be the case. They stumble their way together despite themselves. We learn Adam has never had sex and Luke agrees to teach him everything he knows. It turns out maybe Luke doesn’t know all that much. There is a lot of sex, sometimes it feels like the sex is just filling up pages. When the big secret is revealed, it’s pretty much a non issue.

There is an interesting paranormal element that I liked and it really added to the story.

Overall I liked the story

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Penny is a complete romantic who believes everyone can fall in love if only they’ll open their heart to the possibility, which is why she writes these hot erotic stories that will always have a happily every after. However, it doesn’t mean that she’ll make it easy for her men to get there. A lover of things that go bump in the night, Penny’s imagination can sometimes run riot, so magic mirrors and evil dolls are only the beginning.


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