Asunder (Iron Bulls MC #1)

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For most of my life I thought Logan and I were meant to be together. We grew up next door to each other. Neither of us had happy homes, but together we found a sort of peace. He was only three years older than me, but when you’re a child, that’s a lot. I looked up to him. Loved him with everything I had.

He kept me safe. Protected me.
Eventually I gave him everything. My heart, my love, my virginity.
He disappeared without a word.
When I finally found him, he said I couldn’t be part of his life anymore.
He broke my heart.

Then I met Dante, and the perfect plan to get even with Logan began to form in my mind.
Dante is older, dark, dangerous, and the Sargent-at-Arms of the Iron Bulls MC.
The same MC Logan joined when he left me.

Karina Rivers was supposed to be a one-time afternoon distraction. I’m way too old and twisted for someone as innocent as her.
I want her anyway.
She doesn’t realize she has the power to tear this MC apart.


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Assunder teaserMY REVIEW: (Read in May, 2015)

A copy of this story was generously provided by Phoenyx Slaughter .. just because!

It was good. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good.

I’m not gonna lie, I was not a fan of Karina when I first started this story. But that only lasted like three pages LOL because the game she thought she was going to play, which is a perfectly legitimate game for a person her age, she nixed asap. I am SO glad Phoenyx Slaughter decided to write the plot like she did from page one! Any other way, and I don’t think the book would have been as perfect as it was.
Dante is absolute perfection for me. He’s a hard man with a tough responsibility within the MC Club but yet he’s soft and caring when it comes to Karina. He not only surprised me over and over again throughout the story, but I think he kinda surprised himself as well. And I loved it. It felt real to me. It felt right! A man who’s never had anything but fly by night ‘bitches’ his whole life has just had his heart put in its place by a ‘little girl’ named Karina. Honestly, I loved every minute of the two of them!
Blaze on the other hand…not so much. That boy is shifty. Was from page one! I don’t trust him. His reasons for being in the MC Club are not as clear cut as one would think. His motives behind being there are going to surprise us and turn this whole serial upside down. And I’m ok with it. Because I paid attention while I was reading and I expect it!
Do I know the exact direction that Phoenyx Slaughter is going to take with this story? Not really, but I feel a wait, wait. what?! … hmmmm coming. I can feel it. And its gonna be phenomenal. #TRUST

As I mentioned earlier, this wasn’t perfect, and now I’m gonna tell you why… BEWARE, TINY SPOILER ALERTThe use of ‘daddy’ by Karina as a nickname for Dante didn’t feel right to me after the shower scene. When it happened for the first time, it felt right. Why? Because she’s young with an absentee father. It made perfect sense and is plausible. As an accident that is. When they continued to use the ‘nickname’, it lost some of its reasoning to me. And it also lost some of the power it had from when she said it in the shower. It felt forced. Like it didn’t belong in the story. It wasn’t natural and flowing like the shower scene. And I think Dante knows that deep down or he wouldn’t have asked her not to use it when he took her to the clubhouse to present her as his.

This reader thinks this story is going to skyrocket into greatness and take us on a twisty windy road full of pantie-melting scorching hot sex and tender moments and maybe a little suspense here and there.


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