Always Yours: Liam & Madelyn Duet Book 2 by Kennedy Fox


Liam & Madelyn Duet Book 2

Roommate Duet 6

By Kennedy Fox

Release Date: February 18


Rehearsals, leotards, and textbooks—that was my life.

Dancing is all I’ve ever known, but when Liam’s problems turn everything upside down, I’m thrust into a world I know nothing about. Secrets and betrayal changed the man I’ve fallen for and he isn’t who I thought he was. Regardless, Liam is all I’ve ever wanted and though I’m struggling with my emotions, deep down I’d do anything for him.

When Liam admitted his true feelings, things finally fell into place. Now they’re falling apart. Saving our relationship is his top priority, but keeping him alive is mine. Corruption and power are their game and Liam is nothing more than a pawn. Playing by the rules won’t end well, but I can’t let him fight alone this time.

Our happily ever after is so close I can taste it, but then it quickly crashes and burns, threatening to destroy us. Giving up on the love of my life isn’t an option, but in the end I might not be able to save him.


ALWAYS YOURS is a slow-burn, intense romance wrapped up in a suspenseful beautiful love story. It’s book 2 in the Liam & Madelyn duet and must be read in order.


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Always Yours: Liam & Madelyn, #2 by Kennedy Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m gonna start out this review by telling that there are literally no plot points I can review for you. This is one of those stories where every turn means something, and you should experience that meaning without prejudice. Go in blind. Stay away from reading the words of any review. If you absolutely must, just take a look at the overall rating of this story and this author duo and just make up your mind from that. Let me repeat for those in the back (lol), go in blind kids, you’ll thank me for it!

Liam and Maddie’s story was epic for me. It felt so true to life that my heart and mind hurt while I read every word. But it hurt in a glorious way because it was soaring. These two were meant to be but they had to fight for time. It didn’t come easy but it was worth it.

I don’t think I’ve said this in prior books, but thinking now of what I just experienced, you should really read this series of duets from the beginning. This series is a lot more than just duet couples walking a path to HEA so do yourselves a favor and start the Roommates Duet series from the start. This will also not be something you regret. #TRUST

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Meet the Author(s):

Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up under the USA Today pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. They share a love of Hallmark movies & overpriced coffee. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day, they decided to collaborate under a pseudonym and have some fun creating new characters that’ll make you blush and your heart melt. If you enjoy romance stories with sexy, tattooed alpha males and smart, quirky, independent women, then a Kennedy Fox book is for you! They’re looking forward to bringing you many more stories to fall in love with!

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