Adonis Line (Filth #4) by Dakota Gray

Adonis Line
(Filth #4)
by Dakota Gray



I’m a saint. On paper.

I have a stable job as a personal trainer. My side hustle involves taking people out on hikes and pushing them to their limits. I love my friends and family equally.

Every now and again, I need the itch between my shoulder blades branded with scratch marks.

I’m haunted by that phantom ache when Nina Williams walks into my life to hire me for a hiking contest. Killer, dimpled smile, potty mouth, sharp mind and a confidence that makes me want to beg.

She doesn’t want to want me. Yet, with a past as complicated and dark as mine, we’re destined to cross every line she puts in place.

If I were truly a good guy, I would have wished her luck and turned her away.

But how can I? That nameless thing inside me that feeds on sex, adventure and the promise of redemption just got invited to play.


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“What else do you want to know?”

I have to swallow down my past even though I want to know everything about his. I meet his gaze. “The obvious.”

“Feels like ten inches in the right position.”

I move over to my bed, pick up a pillow and throw it at him. He catches it, a bigger smile creasing his laugh lines. “Then ask me what seems obvious.”

He rises from his bed. The towel doesn’t move an inch. I meet his gaze. It’s open, inviting, no shadows. Tarek is serious, serious. He wants me to ask him questions that poke and prod and expose him.

My heart will never slow now. “How did you get the scars on your shins?”

He draws closer, crowding my space and everything in me grows tight from anticipation. He cups my cheek. The rough pads of his palms graze my skin. I shiver.

He murmurs, “Car accident. I had a Honda Accord. He had a Tahoe. My legs were pinned under the steering wheel. Lucky to be alive and luckier to walk again.”

His answer throws a single thought into my mind. “Your physical therapist inspired you to become a personal trainer?”

“My PT was an unfeeling dick. I had an appointment around the same time as this vet, Marco. He’d talk mad shit to me. He’d lost a leg and an arm and was learning to use prosthetics. I wanted him to shut the fuck up. He did, when I finally walked again. He now runs a PT business for vets. I volunteer every once in a while, when he needs me.”

Would the Tarek I know pay it forward? Yes. There were so many women on his Insta, and a good portion of them were older black women who could be his grandma.

I notch my chin lower. “Is this your new sex pitch?”

He snorts, dropping his hand to his towel. “No.”

The towel hits the floor. Tarek Hunter stands before me naked. My focus drops down to the space between his thighs.



Fuck me blind.

The veins in his cock crisscross the shaft. The girth of bulbous tip makes me bite my lip from how bad I want to taste it. I’ve never thought dicks could be beautiful. They can be enticing. I can look at one and practically feel them inside me, stretching me already. I just want the pleasure to lick his. I can only say, “Better pitch.”



Adonis Line by Dakota Gray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

filthy people, just beautifully filthy!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, these stories are sexually driven. Both the story and its beautifully flawed leads are sexually charged from the start. I knew from the moment I read those first few pages I wasn’t going to be able to stop reading until the end. This author will draw you in because she writes stories that are fun and without fanfare. She gets to the point quick and I like it!

Here’s the thing about Adonis that really grabbed me really hard. Our leads, Tarek and Nina, to put it bluntly, are broken. They are jaded by their life experiences. And those experiences just broke my heart. This story may be sexually driven but it has a pulse full of feelings and heart. These two has a road to redemption and forgiveness of themselves they had to undergo right along side the physical road of hiking for picture. It was a genius metaphor, imo.

I’ve loved the three men in this series something fierce from the start, but it’s the women who will grab you by the gut and not let go. Their are strong and independent, courageous and loyal, and never afraid of a challenge. And the men that go along with them are just as powerful. Nina and Tarek will not only make you *fan* yourself on more than one occasion, but you will also smile and laugh and cry and scream with burst of joy …. at least I did 🙂

If you’re new to the world according to Dakota Gray, get the fuck out there and become one with this world already. It is a filthy heartwarming ride you would be remiss not to ride! #TRUST

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I’m honest about what I am.

You want to screw until you can’t see straight? I’m your guy.

You want to experience the best oral orgasm of your life, don’t pass go and collect two-hundred dollars. Eating you for dessert is my specialty. I live for that.

Skinny, average or meat on your bones, I don’t care. Blonde, brunette…white, Asian, black… Are you pink where it counts? Then you’re my type. I’m your guy.

For the duration of our affair, I will call you Sugar because I can’t bother to retain your name.

That’s the kind of man I am, and you will know that going in. I make sure of it.

So it’s not my fault her friend loved me, but She is going to make me pay for that.

And I’m too addicted to her taste to walk away.

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There is Nate’s side of the story and then there’s mine. Some things he’s gotten right. Others he has no clue about.

What’s the truth?

It’s not going to take you long to hate him. His very existence.

Because he’s a charming bastard, you’re going to fall for him, too. 

He’s honest even when it hurts. He deserved every bit of my revenge. 

Sex with him unmakes your world. That’s just the truth of the matter. Don’t ever let him put his mouth on you. He’ll own you. Every part of you. 

I didn’t heed that advice. 

So, no, I’m not sorry for destroying his world. 

This is the real story between me and Nate. 


*Scenes from PERV are included as this is a retelling from the heroine’s POV.

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I am an Alexander. Our last name is an institution in legal circles. You’re raised to be an apex predator in the courtroom and outside of it. Being weak or losing at anything is not an option.

To paint the picture, most fathers sit their sons down to have “the talk” about what it means to be a man in the world. My father handed me a proverbial rusty knife, and said, “Cut out anything but ambition and loyalty.”

Don’t confuse these statements as woe-is-me. I made myself in my father’s image for many years. Didn’t matter if I liked the man who looked back.

I’m just giving you the facts.

So when Kennedy Mclane caught sight of this ruthless man after we had sex, she ran. I had a rare moment of…chivalry? Humanity? I don’t know. I decided to be the good guy, and ignore the fact we feel unfinished. Or the way she looks at me. Or that she gets jealous.

She didn’t want me to slip into my predator skin and do my own version of the wild hunt. It stayed that way for three years until she climbed back into my bed. Whether she’s ready for me this time or not is a moot point. I’ve been more than fair and patient.

She’s probably going to hate me by the end of all this.

I don’t care.

The game has begun and I never lose. I cut that part out of me.



Dakota Gray is the author of the Filth series. She’s a longtime romance reader and she’s not ashamed to fangirl over heroes with dirty mouths, dirtier minds and a soft heart.

Gray writes the heroes you shouldn’t take home to mom, sassy heroines and sigh-worthy happily ever afters.

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