A First Time for Everything by Isabel Morin



by Isabel Morin
Publication Date: March 16, 2020
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Embrace, New Adult, Contemporary, Romance



Hannah Bloom arrives on campus for her senior year of college a new woman. No more mortifying acne—though she still bears the scars—and no more trying to be invisible. She has two goals: get into med school and have sex before graduation. But getting into med school may prove easier than having sex, because Hannah has a secret—she’s never even been kissed.

What she needs is a tutor who’ll give her lessons in all the things she’s missed out on, and Casey Grant is the perfect candidate. Her dorm’s resident player, he’s not only the hottest guy she’s ever seen, he already knows her secret.

The only trouble is, nothing goes according to plan. Their lessons don’t feel like lessons, they feel like the real thing. She tries to date other guys, but nothing can compare with what she has with Casey. If she’s not careful she’ll fall for him just like every other girl on campus—and have her heart broken like them, too.



I turn off the TV and leave the lounge to listen at Casey’s door. My heart rate has shot up and my breath is coming too fast, but I knock, determined to see this through.

Nothing. No noise from the other side of the door. Which means I’ll have to do this all over again another day.

I turn around and walk straight into Casey.

I fall back a step and stare like an idiot, trying to remember how I’ve always acted around him. Do I usually smile when we meet?

“Hey. Were you looking for me?”

“Sort of. But if you’re busy I can come back another time.”

“Now’s good,” he says, unlocking his door. “Come on in.”

I follow him in and stand by the door while he drops his book bag and sits down heavily in his desk chair. He looks tired, and his eyes are rimmed in red, like he’s been rubbing at them. Maybe he has allergies. Or maybe he was up all night having sex. Then again, he could have been studying. I suspect he works a lot harder than I originally gave him credit for.

“Have a seat,” he says, nodding to the bed.
The bed’s not exactly made, but the royal blue cover is drawn up most of the way. A tapestry in blues and greens hangs on the wall next to the bed, and somehow this standard of college dorms everywhere looks exotic in his room. Overall, the room’s a lot neater than I would have expected.

I sit, my butt barely on the mattress, unsure where to begin.

He turns the desk chair so its facing me and sits. “So what’s up?”

“I was just wondering…” I stop, unable to go on or even look at him.

“You were wondering…” he prompts.

“You know that problem I told you about?”

“The yawning?”

“No, the other one.”

“You mean being a virgin who’s never kissed anyone?”

Talk about putting a fine point on it. “Yeah, that one. Well, I was thinking…I mean I was wondering if you could maybe help me out with that.”

He looks totally confused. “Help you out?”

“As in, give me lessons.”

His face goes blank with astonishment, his mouth falling open. It’s a few seconds before he can speak. “Okay. I wasn’t expecting that.” He scrubs at his face, like he’s trying to wake himself up from a dream.

A bad dream.

“Exactly what is it you want me to teach you? Kissing, or…”

“I was thinking kind of…everything.”

“Everything,” he repeats.
Something changes, and he’s looking at me with intent now. Not just stunned but considering.

Maybe imagining.

“Or maybe not everything,” I say, backpedaling. “We could see how it goes.”

“Why—?” he starts to ask, but a hacking cough interrupts him. When it finally dies down, he finishes. “Why me?”

“You already know about my problem, plus you’re good at it. I mean…you must be, or girls wouldn’t, you know, be so into you.”

The image of him kissing that girl at the party flashes through my brain.


“You said you want to fool around only with girls who won’t have feelings for you or get clingy. Well, that’s me.” I take a deep breath. “I can’t go on this way forever. Brian finally asked me out. I need to know what to do.”

“Girls get attached to guys they fool around with.”

“Are you afraid I’d fall for you?”

He starts coughing again, and when he’s done, he looks worn out.

“You sound pretty bad,” I say, worry overtaking my mission. “Maybe you should go to the health center.”

He waves this away. “I’m fine. Anyway, the getting attached thing is biology. You’ll be… awakening and everything.”

This would crack me up if I didn’t happen to agree with him. I certainly hope I’ll be awakening, but I didn’t count on him having some kind of moral dilemma. I can’t decide whether I’m touched or annoyed.

Casey leans his head back and closes his eyes. Beneath the gorgeousness he looks pale and tired, and the energy that usually radiates off him is missing. It looks like my timing isn’t so great. I suppose even Don Juan had bad days.



A First Time for Everything by Isabel Morin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this story and just in case you don’t follow me/know me, that is huge because this age group normally has drama running amok in their lives that make my eyes twitch which makes me want to do violent things LOL Casey and Hannah did not make me want to burn things down. In fact, quite the opposite happened. Isabel Morin wrote a well thought out growth story about two people who on paper seem to be complete opposites but deep down they’re two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together! Two people who both grew in the story because of each other!!

If I’m being honest, I knew the story would entertain me because of the premise. I mean the whole virgin getting lessons from the hot guy is impossible not to be entertaining! What I didn’t expect, and I embraced with open arms, was how endearing not only the story was but also both Hannah and Casey! These two kids owned my heart and it was just glorious!

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Isabel began reading romances when she was thirteen years old. That’s the year her grandmother came to visit, bringing with her a summer’s worth of romance novels. Isabel was immediately and forever hooked.

Now she writes sensual, emotionally intelligent stories about likable people who discover themselves as they navigate their way to great sex and true love. What could be better than experiencing all that new love and lust just by picking up a book?

She lives in Connecticut with her conveniently tall, dark, and handsome husband.

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